What if your favorite “Twilight” characters met someone from another great book?

mortal instruments fan fic challenge

What if your favorite Twilight characters met someone from another great book? That’s the question we’re asking in our September-October 2009 Fan Fiction Challenge.

Time is running out to enter the contest — all entries are due by midnight (PST) on October 31st.

Need help brainstorming? Here are some ideas:

* What if Edward had a conversation with Stefan Salvatore from The Vampire Diaries? What would they talk about? Would they compare Bella and Elena, their human love interests? Swap animal hunting tips?

* The Cullens meet Simon from The Mortal Instruments series … how would they react to meeting a different kind of vampire?

* Jacob Black meets Professor Lupin from Harry Potter — what would the two werewolves chat about?

* Thousands of years in the future, after Breaking Dawn, Bella, Edward & the Cullens interract with Tally from the Uglies series.

* In another future — what would happen if the Twilight characters met Wanderer from The Host?

* During a trip through Bon Temps, Louisiana, Edward Cullen meets Sookie Stackhouse. What happens when the two telepaths interract? How does vampire Bill Compton react?

* What would happen if Robert Langdon from The Da Vinci Code and Angels & Demons met up with the Volturi in Italy?

The possibilities are endless. Be creative!

Here are the rest of the guidelines for the challenge:

The Prizes:

1st & 2nd place: Winners will receive a set of The Mortal Instruments books and a poster signed by author Cassandra Clare.

3rd place: Winner will receive a Mortal Instruments poster signed by Cassandra Clare.

All of our winners (1st, 2nd, 3rd & runners-up) will also get an awesome graphic banner to post with their stories, in addition to having their work posted right here on NNT!

(Want another chance to win a Mortal Instruments poster signed by Cassandra Clare? Tune in for our Back to School Week giveaways — all next week!)

The Rules:

  • Stories must use proper grammar & spelling; any stories with frequent grammatical & spelling errors will be automatically disqualified.
  • Stories should be at least 500 words long.
  • For this challenge, you are allowed to break canon in order to work in your crossover subject
  • Please keep the content of your story to PG-13 or lower rating.
  • When e-mailing your story submission, you must attach the story as a Word document (.doc) or Text file (.txt).
  • With your story, please include a title and your author’s name.
  • For this challenge, you may only submit one story.
  • Anyone is welcome to enter the contest, but please note: we can only send prizes to people living within the United States. Sorry.

How to Enter:

E-mail all entries to sara.novelnovice@comcast.net as a Microsoft Word (.doc) or plain text (.txt) attachment.

Do not paste your story into the body of an e-mail. Please use an attachment.

Don’t forget to include your author’s name and title of your story.


All entries are due by midnight (PST) on Saturday, October 31st.


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  1. Grazie, che hanno risposto alla domanda ho cercato di valutare se sia o non mettere le parole chiave in commenti del blog.

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