30 Days of New Moon – Friday Fan Fiction Picks, Round 1

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Welcome to the first Friday of the 30 Days of New Moon!  Each Friday, from today until November 27, we will feature a collection of fan fiction stories that relate to New Moon.

For our first week, we are focusing on Bella’s depression, both from her perspective and Charlie’s.  You may want to have tissues handy.

You Are My Sunshine by Chellie is a songfic based on the song of the same name.  It is a heart-wrenching account of Bella’s state of mind during those three blank months of New Moon.

I couldn’t get this song out of my head. As much as I tried not to think about him, to remember him, I couldn’t stop myself. When I was little, Renee would sing this song to me every once in a while — to get a smile out of me and make me feel better, or just because she could. Granted she never sounded perfect, but it always seemed to work. But now, this song was all I could think about, and it would reminded me so much of what I had just lost.

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* * *

Ordinary by VivaViva is set a few days after Jake’s transformation – while he is still avoiding Bella.

Is this strictly necessary?

I honestly couldn’t help but wonder at the use of offering so many cereal choices.  The various, brightly colored boxes seemed to scream at me from their given locations on the shelves in front of my eyes.  Some bragged about their lack of sugar, others about being free of hydrogenated oil.

Have there always been this many choices?  And what is hydrogenated oil anyway?

I was lost in a sea of carbohydrates masquerading as breakfast food.  I didn’t want to linger much longer, the neon color palettes were beginning to give me a migraine.  The cheerful visages of tigers, birds, and other unidentifiable, yet surprisingly upbeat, animated characters weren’t helping my mood.

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* * *

That First Week by Emmett_Lover is mostly from Charlie’s point-of-view, but there’s some of Bella’s, too.

I opened my mouth to say something, but she covered her ears in a panicked rush. “I can’t talk about this anymore, Dad. I want to go to my room.”

Without awaiting my answer, she scrambled up from the couch and lurched up the stairs; I heard her slam her bedroom door and lock it. Departing from the living room, I made my way through the door. Four people were still left outside waiting, even though the sun was beginning to rise after hours of endless searching for Bella. Sam Uley -the one who had actually found Bella, curled up on the forest floor- was accompanied by a kid, well a man by the size of him, who lived on the reservation-his name I could not recall.

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* * *

TV by musicalwithfangs shows us a Charlie trying his best to help Bella, but unwittingly may be making things worse.

Eleven weeks and four days had gone by. Eighty-one nights of screams. Almost three months of anti-Bella.

I hated it. I hated this utterly lifeless Bella, always flinching at random sounds, always holding herself as though she were constantly in fear of a blow. I hated tiptoeing up the stairs at night, listening outside her locked door, making sure she was okay.

But most of all, I hated him. That idiot boy, leaving my besotted daughter like this. I wanted to see his smug superiority wiped off his face, preferably at the point of my gun. I wanted him to see what he had done to my Bella.

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* * *

The Dead of Night by annamorphos ventures a bit into the “alternate universe” area by introducing new characters, but still stays within canon and shows us some of Bella’s experiences during those blank months.

I remember everything and nothing…

I opened my eyes and glanced up.

Tonight the sky was utterly black. Perhaps there was no moon tonight-a lunar eclipse, a new moon.

A new moon. I shivered, though I wasn’t cold. I saw nothing but black before my eyes began to adjust. I blinked slowly; once. Twice.

That was when I saw them. That was when I saw the eyes.

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(Note: We are only highlighting stories that are PG-13 and below.)

Missed any of our previous goodies in the 30 Day of New Moon?  Head over to the 30 Days of New Moon homepage to get caught up on all the latest news.


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