Thursday Twitter Updates!

tweets from the twi-verse


Look Mom! I’m in a movie with George Clooney! And I’m mean to him! (From Up in the Air – hope you enjoy)

On hold in Vancouver today. The Informant! A Serious Man. Where the Wild Things Are. All in all, not a bad day. Last day of shooting tmrw.


Gonna have to bale on the red contacts for my laurent costume my eyes R2 narrow can’t fit them in. The dreads looks funny! CANT WAIT!!


Have to leave you. Late in England. Will be traveling home to LA. Will tweet again when I can.

Having a great time here. Will be heading home soon. Will be posting more pics soon. Is everyone ready for the premiere?

Quick tweet from London. Internet time limited. Hope everyone is doing well.

Great time in London. Check out pics on Facebook & Myspace. Will post more later.

I posted 6 photos on Facebook in the album “Eternal Twilight 2”


getting ready for an ALLOY interview…wish me luck

here is their website they ROCK!!!!

hey check out my friend’s band THE 5 oclock heroes on 10/27 in NYC at the mercury lounge…maybe I’ll see you there


Are you planning on seeing the #Twilight / #NewMoon double feature?


I only have ONE twitter account. @tinselkorey NOOOOOOO Facebook. Again Noooooo Facebook. If I ever get one I will a …

Saskatoon likes to take out all the moisture from my body. So dry out here. Getting ready to be picked up for filmi …


So I’ve been back in Vancouver for a few days now. Loving it. On set. TTFN ta ta for now.


Last day on the battlefield, shot a huge day, tomorrow there may be a party, while battles ensue on mountain tops…


Last day on Eclipse….=/


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