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30DoNM contest

The Twilight Saga is all about contradictions, dichotomies, and, rivalries – Edward vs. Jacob, the Cullens vs. the Wolf Pack, the Cullens vs. the Volturi, Victoria vs. Bella, and so on.

To highlight these rivalries, we’ve developed The Top 10 “Better Than” Contest. We want to give you the opportunity to sound off with your top 10 reasons about what enthralls you most and gets under your skin when it comes to all things Twilight. (Brainstorming suggestion: think about what you and your friends argue about regularly regarding vamps, packs, and the like.)

Consider highlighting something obvious (why Twilight is better than New Moon), something generic (why vampires are better than shape-shifters), something very specific (why the cool tones of Twilight are better than the warm tones of New Moon), or even something obscure (why movie Charlie is better than book Charlie).

The entries will be judged on overall creativity, but extra points will be given for those who can dig deep and reveal the most interesting and perhaps overlooked rivalries in their top 10 list.

To get you started, I’ve chosen the most obvious rivalry and created a handful of reasons why I think movie Edward is better than movie Jacob:

  • Edward’s name begins with an E, like mine. Jacob’s name is way too trendy.
  • Edward wears a peacoat. Jacob isn’t exactly Mr. Fashion Plate.
  • Edward appreciates, reads, writes, and even speaks in poetry. Jacob’s, um, a little less refined.
  • Edward is musical. I’d rather have a piano serenade than a revamped (ha) motorcycle.
  • Edward is smarter than your average wolf. He has earned what, like 17 degrees?
  • Edward is insanely, obsessively, beautifully devoted to the woman he loves. Jacob might be too, but this gal runs with vampires.

I know you can do much better than my list! And remember, your entry needs to include a total of 10 “better than” reasons!

Submit your Top 10 “Better Than” entry to me, Libby, at libby.novelnovice@live.com by Halloween, Saturday, October 31.

The winning entries will receive custom-made New Moon downloads! The first-place winner will receive five custom-made downloads, while the second- and third-place winners will receive two custom-made downloads each. You get to select the theme, photos, and quotes for a collection of icons and/or wallpapers – your choice! And, of course, the winning “Better Than” entries will be published here on NNT.

What are you waiting for? You know you’ve been creating your own top 10 lists in your head… now’s the time to share them!

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One Response

  1. This is soooo cool! I mean the whole book is just packed with the “a VS b” theme!!! I love it…
    Team Switzerland 4ever, though)))

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