Saturday Tweets

tweets from the twi-verse

Can you believe Eclipse is almost done shooting already?  Eight months of post-production…Chris Weitz had eight months to film AND do post-production for New Moon.  Can you believe how quickly he was able to get everything done?


Will keep tweeting through post… Its not over until the film is in cinemas.

..and then there’s post production to start, 8 months of it….

Best wishes now and into the future to all those who finished work tonight. Just a few more days shooting left. Finish line is approaching.

Wrapped five actors tonight, its getting a lot less crowded in Forks.


All good things must come to an end. Wrapped on Eclipse tonight.Next stop Phoenix for Az State Fair Sunday,then onto NY for more N. Jackie

Twilight apple, show the big Apple some love.Follow @I_Love_NY to win a trip to NY and visit me on the set of Nurse Jackie.


Guys I can’t believe we’re almost done filming ECLIPSE! How crazy is that?!


Just for our Twithards! We still have something special in store for 200K, though! #ECLIPSE title treatment!

#NewMoonTour 11/11 San Fran, 11/12 ATL, 11/12 Seattle, 11/13 Miami, 11/13 Phoenix, 11/14 Salt Lake City, 11/19 NYC. Cast announced soon.

#NewMoonTour 11/6 Los Angeles, 11/8 Denver, 11/9 Boston, 11/9 Chicago, 11/9 D.C., 11/10 Houston, 11/11 Minneapolis, 11/11 Philly…

THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON Nationwide Cast Tour is coming to a city near you! Check out Hot Topic and Nordstrom websites for details!


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