Kellan Lutz compares “Twilight,” “New Moon” & “Eclipse”

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In a new article on MTV, Kellan Lutz compares the three movies of The Twilight Saga:

What’s the biggest difference? That’s an interesting question. Because the books are already about different subjects. Stephenie [Meyer] wrote them with the Romeo and Juliet aspect, and then, each one has a different persona. It’s a really cool concept. But as far as the directors go, each director is different. Catherine [Hardwicke] was very energetic, and she made this beautiful movie. Chris [Weitz] had this really cool, really laid-back [vibe], but has a great sense of how to do CGI and how to make these wolves look real and bigger than life versus just some computerized image. Then David Slade, with his action background and his indie style, just mixed the two. The movies are going to be unique in their own aspects, and that’s what’s really interesting — it’s not the same director doing each one. We, as actors, got to see different styles of [directing]. So it doesn’t feel old, ever.

Read more here.

Also, I want to give a big SHOUT OUT to our friends at The Scorecard Review … not only do they have an awesome website about movies, but they’ve been very supportive of NNT and frequently post news about the goings on here (including this post about our 30 giveaways for 30 Days of New Moon). So thanks, TSR. Ya’ll should check them out. Seriously.

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