When will you hear Hurricane Bells’ “Monsters” in “New Moon”? The answer is …


Kimberly, the Twilight Parents Examiner, has an exclusive interview with Hurricane Bells about his New Moon Soundtrack contribution, “Monsters.”

“They sent me the clip- it’s apparently the first song in the movie,” says Steve, clueless as to the frenzy that becomes a die-hard Twilighter of any age or genre. “At the beginning, when Bella gets a camera for her birthday, she goes to school and takes pictures. The song plays when she’s driving to school, and the first time Edward shows up, it’s playing when he walks toward her.”

Read more HERE about how he wrote the song, and why producers wanted him to edit the song (Hint: It has to do with Edward).


One Response

  1. Good to know! I’ll have to go listen to it again … because you KNOW we’re all trying to guess where in the movie each song is set!

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