Wolf Pack video featurette, and other Twi-News

news jacob

* Catch this delightful featurette on the Wolf Pack from MSN (which also debuted last night on the Scream 2009 Awards):

(You can also watch the Wolf Pack featurette on MSN.)

* Speaking of SpikeTV’s Scream 2009 Awards … you can now watch Taylor Lautner accept the award for best male breakout performance and accept the award for best fantasy movie on behalf of Twilight

* SciFi TV Zone has posted part 2 of its audio interview with New Moon director Chris Weitz

* Catch some hilarious Twilight videos on FunnyOrDie.com … one is a Twilight music video, another is a “leaked New Moon trailer.” (TY to TwiMoonlighter for tracking these down!)

* The Lex has a great rundown of information about the New Moon Hot Topic/Nordstrom Cast Tour … get all your questions answered there!

Okay NNTers … what did you think of the Wolf Pack featurette? Tell us your thoughts on the video and today’s other Twi-News in the comments!



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