30 Days of New Moon Thursday Goodies: Week Two

30DoNM 01

We are only 21 days from the release of The Twilight Saga: New Moon!

It still seems like a long ways away though, doesn’t it?

To help curb your appetite, today’s 30 Days of New Moon downloads include a trio of desktop wallpapers that feature lyrics from songs on the movie soundtrack. One in particular was created especially for NNT’s Sara, who confessed in this post which song she enjoyed the most from the CD.

Each wallpaper is available in either a standard (1024×768) or widescreen (1680×1050) format. Click on a thumbnail to open the image in a new window and then save it to your computer to use as a background for your desktop.

Bella_SatelliteHeart_1024 Bella_SatelliteHeart_1680

NM_Bella&Edward-Forever_1024 Bella&Edward_Forever1680

NM_Bella&Edward-IBelongToYou1024 NM_Bella&Edward-IBelongToYou1680

And for good measure, here are some icons made from screenshots of the trailer that aired during the MTV Video Music Awards:

NM_icon5 NM_icon6 NM_icon7

NM_icon9 NM_icon10 NM_icon8

NM_icon11 NM_icon3 NM_icon4

NM_icon12 NM_icon13

Remember, if you missed any of the previous 30 Days of New Moon posts, just click here to get caught up!


3 Responses

  1. OMG, those are AWESOME! The “I belong to you” one is now adorning my desktop … and I’m totally changing my WP and YouTube icons to the “You can go to hell” one. That’s probably my favorite clip of all …

  2. You are fantastic Steph! I am so using these for siggies.

  3. WOW! These new wallpapers are so awesome! I love the one of Bella with the Satellite Heart Lyric! Its so pretty!

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