Thursday Morning Twi-News (it’s better than a cup o’ coffee)

from the news desk2

* MTV has another new interview with Jackson Rathbone, who talks about which new characters he likes the most, what he does between takes, and whether he owns any Twilight swag

* Speaking of swag … there is tons of new stuff in the Hot Topic New Moon Shop (and the Torrid New Moon Shop), and loads of delightful goodies now for sale in the Borders New Moon Shop. (Some of the stuff is cool — like Bella’s St. Jude bracelet — but some of it is downright weird … Wolf Pack Tattoo Packing Tape?!)

* The New Moon Soundtrack is #1 on the Billboard 200 charts.

* Trick or Treat? MTV asks the New Moon cast members what their favorite candy is.

* The Peninsula Daily News has an article about a Twilight-themed restaurant being planned to open in Forks, Washington next year:

Dazzled by Twilight owners Annette and Tim Root will be adding some cuisine in the Twilight theme to Forks next year.

The Roots plan to open a family-dining restaurant called Volterra sometime next year, Annette Root said.

The restaurant will include a bar area, she said.

“We have a lot of renovations and permitting and licenses we need to get, so it probably will be spring before we open,” she said.

The restaurant will be a “steak and seafood restaurant” that will serve three meals a day, she said, adding that it will be family-friendly while selling alcohol.

The restaurant will be named Volterra after an Italian city that appears several times in the four-novel Twilight saga set in Forks.

Read more here.

* TwiSource has info about the Rachael Ray Show looking for Twilight fans

* Test your Twi-Knowledge with InStyle’s new Twilight Quiz

Share your thoughts on all of today’s Twi-News in the comments!


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