Vampire Vacation Destinations (including Forks, Wash.)

dateline forks

Forbes Traveler has a new article about the best Vampire Vacations … including Forks, Washington:

Then there’s the new go-to destination for tween vampire fanatics, Forks, Wash., the real town featured in the fictional “Twilight” series. Tours include stops at Charlie and Bella Swan’s house — though it only exists in the novel, the McIrvin family has volunteered their own home as the official house.

There’s even a Twilight cruise in the works for 2010. Featuring stars of the movies, the cruise to Alaska will have autograph signings, a costume ball, and all things “Twilight” all week long. Linda Wolf, owner of Cruises, Cruises, Cruises, Inc. believes that there is so much interest in the cruise because “fans want a forum to discuss their love of the story with the stars themselves and with other fans.”

Other destinations mentioned in the article include Transylvania, home of Dracula, and New Orleans — the setting of many of Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles books and other modern vampire stories.

Read more here.

Have you gone to Forks, Wash. or any other Vampire Vacation destinations? Tell us in the comments!


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