30 Days of New Moon – Friday Fan Fic Picks, Round 2

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Welcome to the second round of New Moon Fan Fiction Picks!

Last week, we focused on Bella and Charlie.  This week, we’ll focus on Bella’s personal sun, Jacob Black.   Still very emotional pieces, but not in the same way as Bella’s depression.  Even as firmly as I am Team Edward, I cannot help but feel sorry for Jake in New Moon, and also grateful to him for keeping Bella in one piece.

I was surprised at how few New Moon fan fictions there are out there that focus on Jake.   Have you found others?  Let us know in the comments!

Forget Me Not by IngenueFatale is a short but sweet look at Jake’s feelings towards Bella.

There are few things Jacob Black knows he will remember for the rest of his life.

He will never forget the day he walked home in the rain, only to meet Billy on the porch with the words, “Your mother’s gone.”  There was a ripping pain in his chest and even now, he sometimes feels a twinge when he remembers her.

He will never forget the first time he is told the stories of his ancestors, full of myth and intrigue.  He listens closely, but brushes aside the fables, thinking nothing more of them.  For Jacob, the words are camp stories, only to be told around a fire in order to scare the others.  He doesn’t miss the disapproving look Billy sends him when he laughs it off, but at the time, he couldn’t care less.  Read more…

* * *

Transformation by be my escape is the story of Jake’s first transformation into a wolf.

She said she liked me best.  I kept replaying that conversation over and over again in my head.  My newfound confidence had allowed me to speak openly to Bella about my feelings and the lack of hers.  Holding her hand felt so right to me.  It was good to hear that she didn’t like that bone-head Mike Newton.  Bella still felt pain from that jerk that left her.  I remembered the anger I felt at the theater, and it resurfaced when I thought of the pain she was in because of him.  Odd sensations ran through me; I didn’t feel completely like myself.  The anger and excess confidence were unusual, but if it helped with Bella then I was okay with it.   Read more…

* * *

What Jacob Wrote by Jaxidy Alpha contains a poem and a diary-entry-like account of Jake’s feelings during the events that take place during New Moon.

I know her.

I know the way her face breaks like a perfect dawn every time she smiles. The way she bites her lower lip when she’s distressed. The way she holds her arms over her chest when she thinks about him. I know how hard she’s trying. It hurts, how hard she’s trying.  Read more…

* * *
Never Mine by superstarrh begins when Alice returns to Forks.

“Bye Bella, I really hope you don’t die.”

Quickly I ran away, bolting for the woods by her house.  Not bothering to remove my clothes before I phased, beyond the point of all reason.  How could she choose them over me?  How?  I had tried my hardest to bring her back to life.  I had seen firsthand what he had done to her.  How much he had hurt her.  Yet she didn’t hesitate, didn’t even look back when he came back into her life.  Casting me aside like common trash.  I couldn’t help but be angry with her, angry that she wouldn’t value herself enough to realize that she deserved more than what he had to offer her.  I would never do that to her.  I would never let her go if she was mine.  There would be nothing that could drag me from her side.  That bloodsucker had given up his claim on her when he had left.  With me she was healing, was growing, was becoming whole again.  Read more…

(Note: We are only highlighting stories that are PG-13 and below.)

Missed any of our previous goodies in the 30 Day of New Moon?  Head over to the 30 Days of New Moon homepage to get caught up on all the latest news.


3 Responses

  1. These were really really good. I might have ago at writing one. You never know i might be a future authour. Only jokin.


  2. the piem eas great. i am so glad ‘yall r doing this.

  3. the poem was great. so glad for the things yall gave us. thanks.

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