Skip the Cheerios, and enjoy a bowl of Twi-News (with tasty “New Moon” & “Eclipse” pictures)!

news flash_nm laurent

* MTV’s Ulalume: Howling at New Moon special is on TONIGHT! MTV is teasing us again, with these stills from the video clip to be shown:




* At MTV, Chris Weitz talks about the potential for a Jacob-Bella kiss in New Moon

* Weitz also talks about how the CGI work on the wolves has progressed in post-production (ie, comparing the wolf transformation from early trailers to the most recent TV spots)

* Michael Sheen has now played both a vampire (Aro in New Moon) and a werewolf (in the Underworld franchise) … so which side is he on?

* In honor of wrapping Eclipse, director David Slade has posted a photo of Xavier Samuel in character as Riley:

slade twit pic_riley

* Nordstrom has all the details about cast & musical appearances at the New Moon Cast Tour … The Lex also has info about the event at Hollywood & Highland, and info about the Hot Topic New Moon events

* Chris Weitz and composer Alexandre Desplat spoke to fans yesterday about the music in New Moon … the Twilight Facebook page has a nice write-up.

* Access Hollywood has a new video of Rob Pattinson singing in the movie How To Be.

* Reelz Channel has a quick video of Taylor Lautner talking about his favorite movie

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!


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