Bella’s Birthday Party Scene (clip), and other Twi-News

news update party

* During MTV’s Ulalume: Howling at New Moon special, they debuted this new clip of Bella’s Birthday Party:

(OMG. I love the Cullens.)

Watch the clip again & learn more about the scene at MTV.

* MTV asks some of the New Moon stars your burning questions … and they answer (mostly).

* Vanity Fair has a new interview with Kellan Lutz

* Glamour Magazine has a new interview with Charlie Bewley

* Rob Pattinson will grace the December cover of Vanity Fairpreview photos at the Lion & Lamb LJ

Tell us your thoughts on the new clip & other Twi-News in the comments!


3 Responses

  1. I was so disappointed in this clip! I made sure to watch it last night and was like, “That’s it?! They made me wait through the whole show for THAT?!” Ugh. Thank goodness we don’t have to wait very much longer for the whole thing!

    • Well, I enjoyed the clip … BUT … I was asleep during the “Ulalame” special (graveyard shift), so I just watched the clip itself online this morning. Maybe without the whole “waiting through an entire hour-long crapfest on MTV” it would have been better for you.

      • I also work in TV, so I understand how these things operate … by teasing something uber-desirable (say, a clip from “New Moon”), and not airing it until the end of the show, they can hold onto more viewers and boost their ratings. It’s kind of skeezy, but it’s fairly typical …

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