Happy Halloween! (And, More Twilight Pumpkins!)

happy halloween

This year I’ve become all about the Twilight pumpkins.  I thought I was done a week ago, but just the other day I came across two more patterns I just HAD to do.  Unfortunately I was only able to get one done for this year, but there’s always next year!

Here is the pumpkin I did just this afternoon.  Pattern from http://www.pumpkinwizard.com/

Alice Cullen

This is the one I did last week.  All four patterns are on the same pumpkin and I’m planning to display it on a turntable.  I need a brighter battery-operated light for it, so I’m not sure if it will go out tonight or wait until next year.  The pattern for Twilight came from http://www.stoneykins.com/ and the other three I created myself.

Here’s a (poor quality) video of it on my turntable.  You can see how it needs a brighter light to really show the patterns.

To see more of my Twilight pumpkins, see the Novel Novice Twilight Halloween Guide!

Happy Halloween!


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