Vanity Fair Cover Shoot

just for fun

For those needing their Rob\Edward fix, I found a untagged photo from his upcoming Vanity Fair cover:



Now, just try to sleep tonight.


6 Responses

  1. What a great find! I saw the cover and wondered if we’d get to see a copy of it without all the words. I love this photo of Rob. (who am I kidding, are there any I don’t? LOL)

  2. Trick or treat? TREAT please! 🙂

  3. I WOULD be able to sleep…..with that by my side….oh well, guess I’ll just have to do with seeing New Moon… mom bought us the tickets (mom, I know, I was shocked)(Just finished reading Night WOrld v. 2 started v. 3 this morning…if you’re reading this….GO READ IT!!!! And read ‘Tantalize’ and ‘The Vmpire Diaries’…..hehe…that’s it…)

  4. You know the more I look at the photo (and I’ve looked a lot *blush*) the more I think this isn’t the original photo…it looks like it was photoshopped to remove the words from the cover.

    Still a great photo though!

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