NNT’s “Twilight” pumpkins are #1


A few weeks ago, NNT presented a Twilight Saga Halloween Guide — complete with detailed tips & tricks for carving Twilight-inspired pumpkins from one of our newest staff members, Christie.

Now, her mad carving skills are earning her all sorts of accolades. First, she was named the winner of the Twilight Lexicon’s Stephenie Meyer pumpking carving contest (Book Covers Category) for this pumpkin.

Now, MTV’s Hollywood Crush has named her the winner of their Rob O’Lantern (Rob Pattinson pumpkin) contest! Check out her winners’ blog: 102609_pumpkin1

My name is Christie, I’m from Maryland, and I have an addiction. It started out small and harmless, as addictions often do, but it grew and grew and grew. First it was just some books I read. Then it was a movie I watched … several times. Then it was the scrapbook I created. Next, a birthday cake. Then I joined the staff of Novel Novice Twilight, reporting news and writing up special features about the “Twilight” universe and fandom. Now, it’s pumpkin carvings.

It only took three chapters of “Twilight” for me to start falling in love with Edward Cullen. He risked everything to save Bella’s life. Romantic, protective and just all around a good person — what more could you ask for from a 105-year-old vampire? His struggle between right and wrong, good and bad, and his determination to do what he thinks is right give depth to his character. And I like that he’s not perfect; he certainly makes mistakes and errors in judgment. But, he always does what he thinks is right.

See more here.

So from all of us here at NNT … CONGRATS, Christie!

2 Responses

  1. yay!!!!! congrats 🙂

  2. […] Twilight, where she created plenty of pumpkins with Bella, Edward, Jacob and others. She even won a contest on MTV for her […]

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