Rob in Vanity Fair, new interviews, Halloween photos, commercials & more Twi-News

news edward

* Vanity Fair has posted its article about Rob Pattinson and outtakes from their photoshoot, including these gorgeous shots:




* The LA Times has a new interview with Michael Sheen about playing Aro in New Moon

* Twilight Poison has a translation of an interview with Rob Pattinson in Cinemania magazine.

* Check out the latest ad for Volvo featuring New Moon

Also, the What Drives Edward contest is now open … the prize is a new stupid, shiny Volvo! 🙂

* Rachelle LeFevre has a new PSA out about adopting shelter pets:

* Need a good reason to eat cupcakes? Check out the Team Edward vs. Team Jacob cupcakes available at Sweet Avenue Bakery in New Jersey. TY to the Lex.

* The Lex announced their Pumpkin Contest Winners this weekend … and NNT’s very own Christie won first place in the “Book Covers” Category with her creation:

christie pumpkins

Congrats Christie!!

* And finally … we’ve invited you guys to send us your Halloween costume photos. Here’s one from Pam, who dressed up as a member of the Volturi:

pam and edward

Send your photos to or

* Speaking of Halloween … check out this photo Billy Burke posted on Twitter of himself & his girlfriend dressed up as Sid & Nancy:

billy burke halloween

So much Twi-News this Monday morning … tell us your thoughts in the comments!


2 Responses

  1. Did anyone else’s heart stop when Edward tried to put his hand over Bella’s when she was going to take off on the bike? {sigh…}

  2. The VF issue will be out in just 8 days!!! (even sooner if you’re in NYC or LA!)

    The only magazine I’ve bought because of Rob/Twilight was the GQ issue. Looks like VF will be #2! 🙂

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