Who should direct “Breaking Dawn”? Novel Novice says …

breaking dawn

Reelz Channel recently asked myself and some other Twilight sites who should direct Breaking Dawn? Watch the video HERE to see what we all had to say (look for my answer around the 1:55 mark).

Personally, I think any of the choices mentioned in the video would be great … if you missed it, my pick was Star Trek’s J.J. Abrams. In my response to Reelz Channel’s inquiry, here’s what I wrote:

Since we’re talking #1 pick for a Breaking Dawn director, I’m going to be a wee bit unrealistic and say that ideally, I’d love to see JJ Abrams at the helm. Not likely, I know. But Abrams is a young, enthusiastic director who knows how to tell a great story. Just look at what he did this year with “Star Trek.” He made a movie that was both exciting, funny, emotionally charged and adventurous. It was also visually dynamic and compelling to audiences who were both familiar with and new to the “Star Trek” universe. That’s exactly what Breaking Dawn needs. The book is lacking in many ways, and will need some serious work to create a successful movie adaptation. I truly believe that Abrams has the chops to turn the book into a great feature film. After all, Breaking Dawn — though riddled with its darker, more desperate moments — also has a lot of lighter, funnier moments. Successfully balancing the two, while majorly ramping up the action will be absolutely necessary for the movie adaptation to work.

What do you think? Agree with our choice or any other picks? Tell us who YOU think should direct Breaking Dawn in the comments!


3 Responses

  1. so awesome. considering i am in love with abrams this would be a great choice.

  2. I absolutely agree with your assessment of JJA directing BD!

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