30 Days of New Moon: How Crafty Are You?

30DoNM 01


Every time a tantalizing new publicity shot is released by Summit or Sara creates ones of her rock-star wallpapers, it takes some restraint on my part to not use up all my color ink printing out my favorites (read: the ones featuring Edward in an especially drool-worthy moment). While my tendencies usually lean toward collage, I have yet to craft one up for the New Moon season. I did, however, make a little birthday card (see grainy cell phone photo, right) for my equally Twilight-appreciative sister using one of my favorite NNT wallpapers.

So that leads me to your own creations. What have you crafted that’s been inspired by the Twilight Saga or, tis the season, things that are specifically New Moon-related?

We’d love to see…

  • Your version of the Cullen crest or the Volturi crest. Better yet… maybe you’ve taken these visions and turned them into jewelry.
  • Your other Twilight Saga jewelry… you’ve seen the beautiful work of artists on Etsy.com, what have you made?
  • What the Swan crest would look like if Bella and Charlie had one.
  • How you envision the Wolf Pack tattoo (especially if it’s different from the way it appears on the boys’ buff biceps).
  • Designs that showcase the way you would have suited up the red-eyed vamps of Volterra differently than the costume designers.
  • Your photos displayed in a Twilight frame or scrapbook of your own creation.
  • Original artwork you’ve created that’s inspired by The Twilight Saga (paintings, watercolor, sketches, etc.).

Share with us your photos (or uploads) of the craft projects, artistic endeavors, collages, doodles, and designs that you’re most proud of, whether you’re inspired by the suggestions above or whether you’ve found your own inspiration. Maybe you’ve cross-stitched a bookmark to kiss the pages of your Twilight Saga as you read and reread. Or perhaps you’re graphically savvy, crafting your own wallpapers or icons on a regular basis.

Send your pics to me at libby.novelnovice@live.com between now and the November 20 premiere of New Moon and I’ll post the best of the best on NNT! Happy crafting!

Need more ideas or inspiration? Here are a few of the craft projects from the NNT family:

Sara’s mom created this wooden version of the Cullen crest for a party decoration. She used an oval wooden plaque from the craft store, then used transfer paper to trace the design of the Cullen crest onto the wood. She etched out the design using a woodburning kit, then finished it with black and gold paint and a coat of varnish:

cullen crest plaque

Christie is one of NNT’s craftiest staff members. She keeps a blog of many of her endeavors, including scrapbook pages, many featuring Twilight Saga wallpapers from NNT. Here are two of her designs:

christie scrapbook page2

christie scrapbook page

And here’s a scrapbook Sara made as a gift for her friend. It features photos from their adventures at the Breaking Dawn release party, and places for more photos from other Twilight events (like movie openings):




Don’t forget to send YOUR craft pics to libby.novelnovice@live.com between now and November 20!


10 Responses

  1. That wood burning is so, so cool. Makes me wish I knew how to do that. LOL

    I can’t believe I haven’t updated my Twilight scrapbook since June! I think I will wait until New Moon is released before creating more pages, though, so I can include movie reactions. Except maybe more pages with wallpapers…the ones you guys have put out recently and been really, *really* awesome.

    • Believe it or not — she’d never used a wood burning kid before! She just kind of winged it … I think it turns out great. (I swiped the plaque after the party, and it’s now hanging in my den.)

  2. Oh go ahead and buy the woodburning kit. It was fun, and theraputic, just make sure you have a little fan running or you’ll choke on the smoke. I stained the plaque after I burned it, then rubbed it with gold, and then hit it with the black with a stencil brush to make it look old and then varnished it to make the paint and burned areas stand out.

  3. you have a twilight scarpbook?! i wish i could do that. all i have is my stuff and my addiction. (snicker) any way … is that yours ? it was so cool. i cant even do that kind of drawings or anything. 😦
    but i san do bubble lettrs and roses.

  4. where do u get the kit?! that sounds like fun.! how many days left till new moon??!!!

  5. Michaels Craft Store

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