Battle of the Twi-Bands extended


Good news for anyone ready to ROCK, Twi-Style … the folks at Edward’s Meadow have extended their Battle of the Twi-Bands contest by one week. Here are the deets:

We will now be excepting entries until November 9th, voting will begin on November 11th, and the winners will be chosen on November 25th.

Welcome to the Battle of the Twilight Bands, a contest where Twilight inspired bands and songwriters compete to see who has written the best Twilight related song! Our first Battle of the Twilight Bands last year was a huge success, and we’re excited to do it again, but this time we’re spicing up the competition! Keep reading for more information like rules, how to enter, and prizes! Have fun and good luck!

The prizes are:

1st place: $20 worth of merchandise from the store Essence of Twilight for free!

2nd place: First pick of two special, one of a kind wallpapers (one signed by Stephenie Meyer, the other signed by Robert Pattinson). The 3rd place winner will get the wallpaper that the 2nd place winner doesn’t choose.

3rd place: A special, one of a kind wallpaper with either Stephenie Meyer or Robert Pattinson’s signature, depending on what the 2nd place winner chooses.

More here.


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