Harper’s Bazaar with Rob & Kristen (article, video & pics)

news flash2

Harper’s Bazaar has now posted its cover article featuring Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, along with more of the gorgeous photos we showed you yesterday:

Rob Pattinson’s and Kristen Stewart’s rooms sit side by side on the thirtysomethingth floor of harpers bazaarthe Sheraton hotel in Vancouver (“the Couve,” as Kristen calls it), where they are filming Eclipse, the third installment of the Twilight saga. They spend a lot of time in their rooms in the sky — two Rapunzels of sorts entertaining themselves behind closed doors — because it’s really, really hard to go out. “There are like 15 different exits in this place,” observes Kristen of the tactics she and the rest of the Twilight cast use to avoid the paparazzi. She adds, “Rob is more frustrated with it, but he’s 23 and I’m 19. He had a couple more years to be an adult and to be independent, whereas just as I was getting to the age when it’s normal to go out by yourself …” She pauses. “But it’s boring because this is all I f***ing talk about.”

Rob talks about it too. “Do you mind if we sit outside?” he asks as he stands in his hotel room, looking longingly out the window. “I need some air.” It’s a cold, gray day, but who is to deny him some freedom? (And chivalry is not dead, girls. A young man will still lend you his jacket. Maybe because he is British.) Rob doesn’t just face paparazzi, he gets clawing, shrieking girls too.

Read more here.

You can also watch a video about the article & photoshoot.

I think it’s funny that Kristen calls Vancouver, B.C. “the Couve” … that’s what Portlanders call Vancouver, Washington (a city just north of the Willamette River, not far from Portland). Of course, we also call it “Vantucky.”


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