30 Days of New Moon – Friday Fan Fic Picks, Round 3

30DoNM 01

Welcome to the third round of New Moon Fan Fiction Picks!

The first week we listed stories featuring Bella and Charlie.  The next week we focused on Jake.

This week, we’ll focus on six of the Cullens — Jasper, Rosalie, Alice, Esme, Emmett and Carlisle, specifically.

(Don’t worry, Edward will get the chance to tell his story in an upcoming week!)

Corny Philosophy by Edwina Cullen is a short story about Jasper while he’s taking Philosophy classes at Cornell University after the Cullens leave Forks.

College was empty without my brothers; today, it was just a lackluster cluster of old buildings and a surplus of intruding emotions, and I sorely missed the anticipation and pride that usually knotted in my chest whenever we walked through the doors of higher education together.

Memories of our former college days, and the sheer feeling of freedom from the torture that was high school, flitted by. I sighed, and a brief smile crossed my face. Edward always led the way, followed by Alice and I and then Rosalie and Emmet. It was the routine, a comfortable arrangement and a very present anomaly in my new situation. Sighing with regret at the turn of events that had brought us to this point, I wished again for a way to undo the days before this emptiness that had struck us. I pushed through the swiveling doors into the large, lit foyer of Cornell University’s Sage School of Philosophy.

* * *

Forgive by ToTheEights inserts a short scene into the end of New Moon.  What if Jasper had a chance to apologize to Bella?

I couldn’t put it off much longer.

Bella was here, in our house, to give us a say in her mortality. Not so she could live forever, not so the Volturi wouldn’t get her. She did it to protect us.

And it was kinda killing me. It was killing me, because I had very nearly killed her. My (and Emmett’s and even Rosalie’s) sister, Edward’s love (to put it mildly), my Alice’s best friend, and Carlisle and Esme’s newest daughter, had so nearly been killed at my hands. If I were her, I would hate me. If I were Bella Swan, I would have given everyone else a vote and left me, Jasper Hale, out. But did she do it? No, she didn’t. And, making my guilt spike even higher, she was surprised when I voted to have her in the family. That kind of hurt.

* * *

Guilt & Freefalls by court4short shows us Alice comforting Jasper.
Alice hadn’t wanted to interrupt him. She knew that he had needed his space and that talking to him would only reopen the wound that he had been trying so hard to seal. And yet, somehow she knew him better than he knew himself and was convinced that he needed to verbalize the self-blame. Until someone forcibly caused him to break and speak about it, he would forever be convinced that what had happened was his fault.
* * *
And She Jumped by Vampiric Fantasy shows us Alice’s vision.

Alice looked ahead to her brother’s future. Once again, nothing truly important. She saw him sitting in a dark, dusty place of some kind. Voices were in the background, but not in the room.

A flash of him and Bella. A possible yet impossible future, for he changed his mind before Alice could clearly see what was going on. Back to another vision of his tracking.

She worried for her brother. He was only seventeen. He might have existed so much longer, but a part of him would always be young. And to be hurt so badly . . . so young, yet so experienced . . . she didn’t believe that he would ever truly get over Bella. No. Never.

* * *

Moirasmeni Psychi by SunKing explores Alice’s relationship with Bella.
I felt my soul rip in half that day; the day Edward said we were leaving. None of us felt that it was the right thing to do, but we loved him enough to keep our mouths shut. Well, all of us did except Rosalie. Jasper’s remorse and shame blanketed us all, and caused some sort of stupor that lasted through the packing process and well into the journey to New York. Emmett and Rosalie left the first moment they could to escape the weight of Jasper’s burden. Carlisle and Esme tried hard to maintain a brave front, but I could see that they were shattered by the loss. And Edward…Jesus, Edward couldn’t even stand.
* * *
Menace by june2806 puts us inside Rosalie’s head in the aftermath of Jasper’s attack.
I smirked as I quietly surveyed the chaos unfolding around me. This wasn’t funny, not by a long shot, but in light of the fact that I had seen something like this happening right from the outset, and that no one had even bothered to heed my warnings, I thought this warranted a bit of smugness and a big ‘I told you so’ on my part.
* * *
The First Promise by SunKing shows us Rose may be more than the cold, selfish beauty she appears on the outside, explaining why she took it upon herself to tell Edward about Bella’s death.
“What is it, Alice?” I asked, as soon as her eyes could focus again. The trembling that usually accompanied her visions did not cease and fear shot through my long dead veins.
“Bella…” she whispered.
I felt my posture relax just a bit, though my concern was still prevalent.  “Is she okay?” I asked.  I was relieved that the vision did not involve our family, but I didn’t want any harm to come to Bella.
* * *
Of Broken Hearts and Leaping Starts by Veritas Found allows a concerned Esme to tell Bella her story.

I was, for lack of a better term, bored.

I was still under house arrest for my time abroad, and I currently found myself in that murky middle time on days I didn’t have to work; that time between coming home from school (being dropped off by Edward) and Charlie’s return home from work (my designated visiting hours, when I could see Edward again). I would argue that Charlie wasn’t home, and as long as Edward left before he was within catching distance, he could stay with me during this middle time. Edward, however, feared that he had incurred enough of Charlie’s wrath over the past few months and had no desire to anger my dad even more. That thought was hilarious to me, that Edward (my vampire boyfriend) could be scared of Charlie (my human father), but Edward was determined. It was important to him that Charlie had a good opinion of him (instead of just the other Cullens, like Alice, Carlisle, or Esme).

* * *

Six Silent Goodbyes by VivaViva has six chapters and six viewpoints — one each from Alice, Jasper, Rosalie, Emmett, Esme, and Carlisle.

September 14, 2005 at 2:13 a.m.

She didn’t know it was coming, of that I was sure.  If I had been floored by this development, it was hard to imagine what she was going to think.

I had to snort at my own ridiculous train of thought.

Ha!  You know precisely what she’s going to think, never mind how she will react.  Where is your head at tonight, Alice?

(Note: We are only highlighting stories that are PG-13 and below.)

See everything from 30 Days of New Moon and don’t forget to check back next Friday for our next round of Fan Fic Picks!


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