An avalanche of New Moon news!

movie news new moon

* The rush to the end had begun! There’s a TON of New Moon news out there this weekend, starting with my favorite bit of news. According to her official Web site, Stephenie Meyer will be appearing on Oprah Nov. 13!!! She’ll also be taking questions from fans at So start thinking of some good ones for her! (Anyone else feel like gushing over this? She’s been so MIA that I can’t WAIT to hear from her again! Maybe some Midnight Sun news … ?)


*There’s also a great interview with Rob at IESB in which is talks about working with Chris Weitz and how deserving he is of all the praise he seems to be getting.

*There’s also a TON of new stuff at Access Hollywood here (Rob talking about his abs!) and here (and interview with Kristen).


*Oh, and as of all this wasn’t enough, Rob confirmed that his schedule for 2010 includes Breaking Dawn. Read more at FearNet.

“I think the tentative time for Breaking Dawn is fall of next year,” Pattinson said, adding that Summit “may well change that.”

Sigh. Is it Nov. 20 yet?


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