Tonight’s New Moon Press Conference

movie news new moon

Lots of Twi-news today!

Tonight, the New Moon Press Conference was held, and many of the cast members attended.  Look for lots of interviews coming soon from this!

Robert Pattinson Life has collected all of the tweets that were sent by various people during the conference with responses from the cast and crew members.

@celebuzz THE EAGLE HAS LANDED. ROB IS IN THE ROOM, Y’ALL!! #newmoon #robertpattinson #rpattz
@celebuzz Robert Pattinson is drinking a coke out of the bottle. Wearing a red plaid shirt and leather jacket.
@answerbitch #rpattz: Plaid shirt, leather jacket, stand-up hair.
@colliderfrosty after getting back from one on ones saw rob pattinson sitting alone and talked to him. super nice guy.
@HitFixDaniel Some guy named Pattinson is up next. Yall probably dont care, right?

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One Response

  1. @hitfixdaniel is soooooooooo funny………..”Some guy named Pattinson…………….?????????”

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