Talents of the NNT Community!

30DoNM 01

As part of our 30 Days of New Moon celebration, we asked, “How crafty are you?” Some of our talented followers have generously given us a peek at their finished products.

Pencil drawings from Emily M.:



Charlotte had this to say about the work she submitted:

OK, I’m actually currently working on a new Twilight purse, but I included pics of my old one. The lil wolf is obvy named Jacob and is able to come out. I bought him from Borders the same day I bought “Breaking Dawn” and a “Twilight” calendar. He has his own lil Jacob collar and also wears a Twilight bracelet a friend bought me. Anyway, the purse I did completely by myself, cutting out all the pieces and sewing them on. The flower from “New Moon” is one big piece that was colored and the outlines were stitched. And I had to show my Team Edward spirit on the front of it 😉   The art-piece is a mix-media collage of the book covers made of card, color pencils, and charcoal. I drew and cut out all the pieces myself. I’m very proud of it.








A big thanks to Emily and Charlotte for sharing your work with us!

If you’d like to have your Twilight-inspired craftiness featured on NNT, send your pics to me at libby.novelnovice@live.com between now and the November 20 premiere of New Moon and I’ll post the best of the best for all to see!


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  1. Hey! I have that exact same wolf! (:

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