Top 10 “Better Than” Contest Winners!

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The winners of our 30 Days of New Moon Top 10 “Better Than” contest have been selected!

The first-place winner, Marina, will receive five New Moon downloads, custom-made to her preferences by NNT’s uber-talented Sara. We loved the humor and unique category that Marina chose to highlight. Here is her winning entry:

Top Ten Reasons Leah Clearwater is Better Than Emily Young.

o        Well, the obvious reason why Leah wins in a battle against Emily is the fact she’s a shape-shifting werewolf. What is Emily? Nothing.

o        Leah is second in command (Jacob’s beta) in Jacob’s pack. Emily is lucky if she is co-ruler of her household. I can’t imagine Sam being easy to deal with.

o        Leah is a stronger woman. She puts a smile on her face, and is going to be a bridesmaid at the wedding in which she might have been the bride. Emily on the other hand can’t even take a wolf claw to the face. Seriously? Weak much?

o        Leah can hunt for her food out in the woods if she needs some nutriment.  She doesn’t need anyone – human, werewolf, shape-shifter, or vampire – getting it for her.  Emily has to go to the grocery store, and then requires cooking before consuming. Hardcore women – also known as Leah – eat things raw.

o        Leah has got sass. Emily has got a muffin recipe. Enough said.

o        Leah spends most of her time with a group of shape-shifting werewolves against her will. Emily spends most of her time with a group of shape-shifting werewolves out of free will. Really who wants to spend that much time with the wolf pack out of free will?

o        Leah has a perfectly flawless face. While Emily on the flipside has more than a few flaws strewn across her face.

o        Leah protects Cullens when the pack tries to destroy them. Emily stays loyal to her man, thus she betrays all Edward fans. See what a problem this is? She must despise most of the Twilight fanbase if she wants to get rid of him.

o        Emily in the future might have to deal with the problem entitled “children”, while Leah just doesn’t have to worry about that problem.

o        And finally, Leah could potentially be around forever and ever, while Emily is going perish no matter what. And then this argument will be over. Leah wins.

The second-place winner is Leila who offered a Team Switzerland kind of take by providing two top 10 lists in one. She will receive two custom-made New Moon downloads. Here is her winning entry:


10. Because he’ll hold your drink for you when you need to use your hands, and he’ll keep it cold, too. Not to mention he can be your personal ice-pack when you have a Bella moment.

9. He’s a vampire and they’ve been around for centuries whereas werewolves are just new inventions. (Quote courtesy of Rob Pattinson)

8. He won’t fall asleep and drool all over you.

7. Who needs a disco ball when you have Edward? Just take him outside and dance it up ’cause he sparkles!

6. He’s a gentleman and will offer you choices.

5. He won’t stink like a wet dog if you wash him.

4. Jacob may run a 108° temperature but Edward’s still hotter.

3. He’ll whisper sweet nothings in your ear in many different languages as well as quote Romeo & Juliet verbatim.

2. Because, in the end, he got the girl!

1. He is portrayed by Robert Pattinson… need we say more?


10. If you’re ever stuck out in a snowstorm, his body heat could save your life.

9. He has the best vamp insults and some great blonde jokes!

8. He’s still young enough to be impulsive and foolish. Every girl needs more of that in her life!

7. He could take you out to eat and actually eat with you.

6. He is a 6’7” tall, gorgeous, muscular Native American – what else do you need?

5. He’s half naked most of the time.

4. Sometimes a girl needs a heating pad rather than an ice pack.

3. He is the epitome of tall, dark, and handsome. Plus, he’s HOT!

2. He’s like a puppy and a boyfriend all wrapped up in one!

1. He won’t leave you stranded in the forest after breaking up with you.

The third-place winner of two custom-made New Moon downloads is Carmen who kept it simple yet insightful:

1. Edward has a mysterious side to him…while Jacob is sort of predictable.

2. Edward can control his hunger… while wolves tend to be more aggressive.

3. Edward is devoted to Bella… while Jacob seem more friend material

4. Edward has been in his condition longer than Jacob and knows what can make him go over the edge.

5. Edward is smarter than the average wolf and has so many degrees it amazes me that school doesn’t bore him.

6.Even though they both can’t get along at least Edward tries to reason with Jacob.

7. Too much fur can make you sneeze.

8. True love always triumphs in the end… Edward is who Bella longs for.

9. Vamps have a way to make everything they do sexy.

10. Vamps are way hotter.

Thank you to everyone who submitted an entry to the Better Than contest! To check out all of our giveaways and goodies in our 30 Days of New Moon extravaganza, click here.


2 Responses

  1. These are truly great 😀 i loved “He won’t stink like a wet dog if you wash him” and “Too much fur can make you sneeze” the most, but all of them made me laugh 😀 Thanx 😉

  2. fer da winner …i think emily is batter cuz leah is a snob…she makes me want to change my name (haha bad joke) emily is just so niceee!

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