A new “New Moon” TV spot, new movie images, new interviews & MTV asks, is Edward a jerk? All in today’s Twi-News!

news bella

* A new TV spot for New Moon features Edward vs. Jacob:

* Another great batch of goodies from MTV today:

* Fandango has some gorgeous new still images from New Moon, such as this one:

charlie and bella

* Also at Fandango, they want to know was Taylor Swift’s SNL Twilight parody funny or lame? (Watch the parody here.)

* Peter Facinelli talks New Moon in a new interview with Time Out Kids

* FearNet has a new interview with Alex Meraz

* Reelz Channel has a preview of its upcoming New Moon cast interviews:

* A quick reminder, the Stephenie Meyer Female Force comic book is out in stores tomorrow.

* Our friends at the CafePress Twilight shop are offering a great new promotion through twitter.com/twilighttees:

CafePress has started a new Twitter Twilight channel called @twilightees. We are giving away t-shirts on this channel for every 50 followers that follow @twilightees. We have over 3850 followers to date which means we have given away 77 t-shirts so far!

But that’s not all! This Friday, 11/13 only, @twilightees will be hosting a TWITTER TWIHARD TREASURE HUNT! It will start sometime before NOON on Friday, 11/13. Prizes will be 5 hoodies, Sigg bottles and flair for a dedicated, diehard Twilight fan! Follow @twilightees to enter and start PAYING ATTENTION this Friday to win!

* And finally, check out this new website — Esme’s Island, which focuses on Twilight fashion:

esme's island

Okay NNTers … tell us your thoughts in the comments!


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  1. o filme será incrivel…..e esperamos ótimos acontecimentos nesse filme!!!!!!para quem já leu o livro sabe que será mto bom

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