30 Days of New Moon: Twilight Saga Party Guide

30 days of new moon

Whether you’re marking the premiere of The Twilight Saga: New Moon, or simply want to celebrate your birthday, a girls’ weekend or any other occasion with your favorite Twilight Saga characters — make sure you do it in style.

Novel Novice Twilight has brought you party tips before (see our 2008 party guide here) … now we’re back with an even better Twilight Saga Party Guide with all the latest tips, tricks and goodies available for you to use.

Please enjoy, and share your party tips below in the comments! (Plus, don’t forget to check out everything else we’ve got for 30 Days of New Moon.)


Book Covers

centerpieceUse inspiration from the covers of the four Twilight Saga books: apples, tulips, red ribbon and chess pieces. Fresh, red delicious apples can be purchased fairly cheaply at the grocery store. You can also buy yardage of plain red ribbon at craft or fabric stores.

Finding a red and white chess set can be difficult and/or expensive. For our set, we purchased a fairly inexpensive black and white set with plastic playing pieces. We then used bonding spray paint (designed to stick to plastic surfaces) on the black pieces only.

If you plan ahead for a spring party, you can plant your own parrot tulips of the variety found on the New Moon cover. tulip(See our tips about buying tulip bulbs.) But for year-round blooms, try the silk variety. Of course, finding fake tulips like those on the book cover can be tricky. We purchased plain white wax/silk tulips, then used a red paint pen to draw on designs similar to the flowers on the book cover. (You could also use regular paint and a fine-tipped brush, but a paint pen is cleaner and much easier.)

We created a table centerpiece featuring all four book cover elements (see photo above): a red-and-white chess set was the base for our vase, filled with tulips & fake stemmed apples and wrapped with a red ribbon.

Red, Black & White Color Scheme

You could also go balloonsmore abstract with some of your decorations — drawing on the red, black and white colors found on all of the Twilight Saga book covers. Here are ways you can take regular party decorations and turn them into Twilight Saga decorations by using them in red, black and white only:

  • balloons
  • streamers
  • confetti
  • paper plates, cups, napkins, etc.

Book & Movie Imagery

postersThere are a plethora of images available to use as party decorations — thanks to the various book covers and movie images now available.

The simplest decorations are movie posters from the Twilight and New Moon movies. There are several designs available, and most can be found at poster shops, craft stores or movie-related stores. You can also order some of the newest posters online from stores such as Hot Topic and Borders.

Another, cheaper option involves printing your own at home. Not only can you print color versions of the various posters (found through a simple web search), you can print out full-page versions of the book covers and full-page versions of still images from the movies (or even use the desktop wallpapers we often create and post for your enjoyment here at NNT).

You can also use thesephoto banner pictures to create your own banner. Print out multiple copies of the book covers or various movie images onto thicker paper. Cut them to size and punch a hole in the top. Then use ribbon to string them together and hang them like a banner or streamer.

Creative Signs

A little imagination can go a long way to adding some Twilight Saga flair to your party. Think of moments, phrases or images from the books & movies — then use them to create signs or banners for your party, like this one:

birthday banner

Here are a few suggestions for banners:

  • The forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest
  • Have a dazzling birthday
  • Stupid shiny Volvo owner
  • You are my life nowband aids

You could also go for some comical touches … a personal favorite from one of our past parties was a sign inviting guests to use band-aids to cover-up any cuts. Try putting out a few boxes of band-aids and bandages, along with a sign warning about Jasper’s blood lust.

cullen crest plaqueFinding ways to incorporate the Cullen crest, the Wolf pack tattoo and the Volturi crest are also great decorations. For our party, my mom used a wood-burning kit to create a plaque version of the Cullen crest (photo, left). But if your craft skills aren’t quite at that level, try printing the images out onto paper and applying it to foam board. With the holidays approaching, you could even create “ornaments” from the crests and tattoo images.


Here are a few more decorating tips:

candles and apples

  • Candles are great for atmosphere (see photo, above)
  • Vases of red and white flowers are beautiful; try roses or carnations
  • Take your inspiration from Alice Cullen, and the birthday party she threw for Bella — decorate with lots of white twinkle lights and framed photosroses in bowls
  • Want to get creative? Try photoshopping pictures of you & your guests into photos from the movies. Have yourselves posing alongside Edward, Jacob and all the rest.



menuThe most quintessential Twilight party food is, of course, mushroom ravioli — plucked right from Bella & Edward’s first “date” in Port Angeles. You can easily find pre-made ravioli in your local grocery store. The sauce is up to you — a traditional marinara sauce is delicious, but so is a simple, light dressing of melted butter or olive oil. Or you could explore more exotic sauces to accompany the ravioli.

For variety, you could also explore other recipes from the Pacific Northwest. Seafood is a particularly popular in the Olympic Peninsula region — and we all know how often Bella ends up cooking the fish Charlie catches. Salmon is a Pacific Northwest staple in seafood.

You can also research Pacific Northwest ingredients for salads, side dishes and appetizers. Adding a menu to your table settings is also a nice touch, and tells your guests what to expect at the meal.cake2

For dessert, we made a chocolate cake with white frosting covered in shimmery, edible glitter dust (it sparkles, just like Edward’s skin) and decorated it with red roses. Another idea is to make cupcakes with red frosting.

More creative types can also create cakes featuring the book covers or airbrushed photos from the movies. Check out this guide for tips on using the buttercream transfer method, for putting images on frosting. NNT’s Christie used it to create the cake pictured below, featuring Bella & Edward from Twilight.

twi cake

For a chillier treat, try vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup and strawberry sauce (for the red, black and white theme).

Beverages – All Ages

The best theme for drinks at a Twilight party is, of course, the Cullens’ beverage of choice: blood. Okay, don’t get grossed out yet.

The idea is to go for the look of blood only — not the taste. Think of drinks with a strong red coloring. Try mixing grenadine syrup with clear sodas, like 7up and sprite. Hawaiian Punch and cherry soda are also good options.

Beverages – 21+

drinksOlder guests can get a little more creative with their drink options. Wine is always a good choice. (Even though this is a Twilight party, can anyone ever forget Bela Lugosi uttering “I never drink… wine” in Universal’s “Dracula”?) There is even a line of Vampire wines available, or you could stick with the Pacific Northwest theme and buy wines from the region. Pinot Noir is one of the Northwest’s best varieties.

21 and older guests can also mix up some strawberry daiquiris, or other red-colored cocktails. Adding grenadine syrup to just about anything will give it a cherry flavor and an eerily red hue.

We’re fans of margaritas on ice, so we concocted this red variety just for our party last year:

  • Strawberry Puree
  • Margarita Mix
  • Lime Juice
  • Tequila
  • Triple Sec

Combine ingredients to taste. Mix well and serve over ice.

Create an all-ages version by substituting sparkling water or 7up for the tequila & triple sec.

Party Favors

It’s not really a birthday party mandmswithout a goody bag, right? Okay, maybe we’re a bit old for goody bags — but everyone still loves party favors. Whether packaged in a bag, or simply left out for guests to pick up at will, here are a few ideas for party favors:

wrappingIf you’re giving gifts, we suggest using wrapping paper and ribbons in red, black and white. You may even want to create your own wrapping paper that is definitely New Moon-themed. Take a roll of white or brown paper and speckle it liberally with fat drops of “blood” as though you were accidentally wounded with your own paper cut while wrapping! Use a dark red marker or even puffy paint to get a 3-D effect.

Entertainment & Activities


There are now a variety of Twilight Saga board games available forscene it party entertainment:

You could also create your own trivia game by creating question and answer cards from quizzes found on the Internet. Novel Novice Twilight has a Twilight trivia quiz and New Moon trivia quiz you can use, but a quick Google search will also turn up quizzes. To turn the quizzes into a party game:

  • Write each question and set of answers onto an index card; be sure to mark the correct answer
  • Then, shuffle the deck
  • Take turns pulling cards and asking each other questions.
  • If you want, keep score and award a prize to the person with the most points!

We think creating a Twilight version of Pin-the-Tail-on-the-Donkey is also a fun idea. Create a poster-sized version of the original Twilight cover (the hands holding the apple). Then print out extra apples, and have guests Pin-the-Apple-on-the-Book-Cover.

Movies & Videos

twi dvdOf course, the obvious entertainment would be to watch Twilight on DVD. For a party atmosphere, try turning on the commentary feature. If you and your friends have different versions of the special edition DVDs, bring them all to the party and watch all the different bonus features.

You could also download your favorite Twilight Saga YouTube videos and burn them onto a DVD, or create a playlist of videos on YouTube. Then, pop in the DVD or hook up your computer to a TV to watch the video playlist.

Another option is to create a photo slideshow on DVD and set it to play on a continuous repeat. It’s the perfect sort of background entertainment for a party when guests will be busy chatting about the pros and cons of Team Edward and Team Jacob.


musicWhat’s a party without a little mood music? You can use the Twilight and New Moon movie soundtracks and movie scores for background music. You can also compile mix CDs (or an MP3 playlist) based on the playlists for all four Twilight books (and a fifth for Midnight Sun), all available on Stephenie Meyer’s website. Another option? Download songs from some of your favorite Twilightinspired musicians, such as the Mitch Hanson Band or the Bella Cullen Project.

Dress Code

If you want, invite guests to dress up for the party. You can all wear your favorite Twilight Saga t-shirts and hoodies, or dress up in costumes as your favorite characters. NNT has a complete Twilight Saga costume guide available here. Another option is to have guests wear clothes in the Twilight color scheme of red, black and white:

party clothes

For a fun activity, you could also ask guests to bring plain T-shirts and decorate them with a Twilight motif at the party.

Other Tips

Here are some tips and advice offered up by NNT visitors:

  • Have guests RSVP as Team Edward, Team Jacob or Team Switzerland
  • Host a game of Vampire Baseball (weather permitting)
  • Print menus or invitations like airline tickets (from New Moon, when Bella & Alice fly to Italy)
  • Host a dance party, inspired by the wedding reception in Breaking Dawn
  • Bring teddy bears in honor of Emmett
  • Core out the tops of apples and use them to hold votive candles
  • Host a formal party, and invite guests to dress in black & red formal wear
  • Create a centerpiece from red apples and tall white candles

Don’t forget — official Twilight Saga party goods are now available. You can find them at most party good stores, or shop online. The line includes paper plates & napkins and other typical party supplies:

new moon party supplies
Catch our Party Guide on TV — from a segment on “Better Portland” below:

Share your party ideas in the comments!


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