More “New Moon” TV spots, mall tours, interviews & the rest of your morning Twi-News

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* Yet another new TV spot for New Moon (with a couple awesome new clips!):

* Making Of has a new interview with producer Wyck Godfrey about The Twilight Saga movies.

* Lots of coverage of the New Moon mall tour … here’s the latest:

WASHINGTON (AP) — Was that a banana, or was this “Twilight” fan just happy to see Jamie Campbell Bower? The woman gave Bower a banana in bubble wrap. She had read his tweet about having a leg spasm and the potassium in bananas is good for that. Even though Bower says he knew it could be dangerous, he did eat it. He jokes that he lives “life on the edge, man.” Bower is on a mall tour with other cast members of “New Moon.” They’ll be at the Mall of America in Minneapolis tonight. Other cast members will be at malls in Philadelphia and San Francisco to promote the movie that opens November 20th.

* Christian Serratos strips down for PETA. If you’re not offended by minor, tasteful nudity — see her ad against wearing fur here.

* Chuck the Movie Guy has posted his hilarious new interviews with Rob Pattinson & Kristen Stewart:

* The Twilight Examiner has a look at some regional happenings for New Moon (including NNT’s upcoming appearance on TV … thanks Amanda!)

Okay NNTers … tell us your thoughts on today’s Twi-News in the comments!


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