“Do you want to open your present now or later?” Thursday Downloads

30DoNM 01

As you may be able to guess from the title of this post, today’s batch of downloads are themed around Bella’s ill-fated 18th birthday party.

First off, a collection of icons made from screenshots of the “Paper Cut” clip that was aired during MTV’s Ulalume Concert:

NMpapercut_Edward1 NMpapercut_Emmett1

NMpapercut_Alice NMpapercut_Bella&Edward1 NMpapercut_Bella&Edward2

NMpapercut_EmmettsGift NMpapercut_Emmett NMpapercut_Bella1

NMpapercut_Bella2 NMpapercut_Jasper

Also, here is a pair of desktop wallpapers, available in both standard (1024×768) and widescreen (1680×1050):

NM_Bella&Edward_ProtectYou1024 NM_Bella&Edward_ProtectYou1680

NM_Birthday1024 NM_Birthday1680

Only one week left to go! And remember, if you want to catch up on all our 30 Days of New Moon posts, just click here.


4 Responses


    • Thank you! šŸ˜€

      The broken glass and roses wallpaper was kicking my butt all day Tuesday; I almost scrapped the whole thing, but I told myself that I would finish it even if it killed me. Yes, I tend to get a little over-dramatic when it comes to my art.

      And because that one was so angsty, I had to put together the adorable one to counter-balance all that negativity.

      • The roses/broken glass one is pretty flipping amazing. And of course, I also love the “adorable one,” as you put it. But the roses/broken glass … it’s really unique & lovely and Twi-tastic!

  2. How did I miss these beauties?!

    Great job LivesAmongTheStars!

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