Fans already lining up for Monday’s “New Moon” premiere … dedicated or crazy? You tell us.

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Um … wow.

fans lining up tweet

fans lining up twitpic

The New Moon premiere in Westwood isn’t until Monday. And these fans won’t even get to see the movie. They’re just lining up for a chance to watch the stars walk the red carpet.

Again … this isn’t until MONDAY. Today is THURSDAY. That’s five days away …

So you tell us … are these fans truly dedicated, or just plain nuts? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.


2 Responses

  1. I’m all for standing around and doing crazy things to catch a glimpse of Taylor, Kristin, Ashley, Kellan and Rob. But 5 days? That’s a LITTLE (and by ‘a little’ I mean ‘A LOT’) much.

    I could see 24 hours. I could even see 36 hours. But they’re not even going to see the movie? That’s a little silly. But girls, all the more power to ya.

  2. You know, I think that’s officially insane. This is not the time of year for camping out! I might give them a bit of a break if it was July, but I am firmly with Cassie–Too much, Twifans.

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