‘Twilight’ fan girls howl for ‘New Moon’ in UK

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(via CNN.com)


'Twilight' loyals painted their faces to attend the UK fan party of the saga's new movie. PHOTO:CNN

Some of them were holding books while others were waving letters they had written the night before. Some had travelled more than a thousand miles while others had skipped school. Some came dressed up while others had scribbled “Bite Me” on their faces. Some were new to this while others had seen it all before.

Most of them were freezing. But all of them were screaming.

For the loyal clan of “Twilight” fans that crammed into a west London park Wednesday hoping to catch a glimpse of their favorite stars – maybe a picture too, or even a hug – the UK capital’s abysmal November weather was no impediment. This was the time to show their loyalty and their dedication: this was the time to show what true fans are made of.

On any other day as cold as November 11 2009, 15-year-old Annabelle would have worn her Uggs to ward off the chill. Today that was not an option, even though she couldn’t feel her feet. Her idol Edward Cullen, aka Robert Pattinson, publicly revealed his dislike of the sheepskin boots, instantly making them a forbidden item at New Moon’s UK fan party at Battersea Evolution.

Even the freezing weather could not dampen the mood: Each time the “New Moon” trailer appeared on the massive screens above the fans, a wave of synchronized, deafening screams – that would put most football fans to shame – would erupt as throngs of young girls shouted like there was no tomorrow.

Stephenie Meyers’ brooding and romantic vampire stories seem designed to appeal mostly to a generation of young women reared on the Harry Potter stories, who are now ready to follow more adventurous paths.

However, it was not just 14 to 22-year-olds who were there. Besides the rare representatives of the male species, there were one or two more mature women allowing themselves to get carried away amid the teenage perkiness – even though most of them were just there to accompany their young daughters.

Some of them are also hardcore fans, representing the ever-growing group mature followers known as “Twilight Mums.” Thirty-nine-year-old Heidi boasted that she and her young daughter had already booked tickets for the long-awaited opening of  “New Moon” on November 20.

The event also presented the perfect opportunity for some fans to meet in person for the first time after hours of nattering in online groups dedicated to their favorite series. Some, like Patricia, 24, had even travelled from places as far away as Spain, reflecting the series’ border-crossing appeal.

At last, the moment that everyone was waiting for had arrived. The actors put their feet on the red carpet a few minutes before 7pm, making the ever-energetic crowd forget all the hardship they had suffered during the many hours of waiting. The most loyal fans had rushed into Battersea park some 12 hours before just to ensure a good spot.

To give credit to the film’s cast, and especially to Robert Pattinson, the assembled fans got to spend quite a lot of time with the “New Moon” actors, getting back some of the affection they were so generously giving away.  The cheering and screaming moved like synchronised ripples above the crowd in perfect co-ordination with the slow manoeuvres of Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner and, of course, Robert Pattinson.

And then the cast, along with their celebrity friends and some lucky fans, moved indoors to carry on with the party. For those unlucky ones who hadn’t managed to win a ticket inside it was time to disperse slowly, tired yet contented.

After all the screaming, crying and declarations of love, it was time for some rest – or homework.


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