Wednesday Evening News….


While I am stuck at home while a noreaster rages outside, enjoy some New Moon news:

*The New Moon press tour continues with Robert, Kristen, Taylor, and Chris attending the London premiere of New Moon

lion_lamb17 Thanks to Lion and Lamb has a new interview with Robert where he talks about Edward’s stoic nature.

Watch below as Kristen Stewart talks to Entertainment Tonight:



4 Responses

  1. Whoa — just saw some CRAZY video from the Noreaster you’re getting on our news feed … yowza. Stay safe!

  2. thanks. so far no power loss and they were smart enough to close schools.

  3. That’s good … I just saw on the AP alerts that Gov. Kaine declared a state of emergency in Virginia. It looks like you’ve got flood warnings from NY to NC, too!!

  4. Nothing here in MD, though. Well, it is raining, but not unusually heavy. Maybe closer to the shoreline it’s worse. I’m nice and inland. 🙂

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