30 Days of New Moon – Friday Fan Fic Picks, Round 4


Welcome to the fourth Friday of 30 Days of New Moon!   You know what that means — it’s time to look at some more New Moon fan fiction.

This is it — the last seven days before we get to see New Moon on the big screen.  What more appropriate way to pass the time than to spend it with Edward?  Edward, Edward, Edward, what were you thinking when you left Bella in the woods that day?!

You’ll want a box of tissues with you.  Maybe two.

The Broken Lullaby by VivaViva — Remember “Six Silent Goodbyes” from last week?  Here is Edward’s goodbye.

September 16, 2005 at 3:48 p.m.

I was lost.

Her bed was made, the pillows lined up as they always were, the comforter wrinkle-free as though she had meticulously run her palms over the material, taking care to smooth it down just hours ago.  The books on her shelf were in alphabetical order starting with Austen, then Brontë, all the way to Yeats.  Each of the book jackets had various amounts of wear, some torn and others pristine, the telltale signs of both beloved and detested books.  Despite obvious rankings, none of them were ever discarded.

* * *

Righteousness is Crumbling by LightStarDusting takes place four months after Edward leaves.  He comes back for a visit.

My family and I are vagabonds, unable to stay in one place for an extended amount of time and never truly having a sense of home. Being who we are, what we are, we all have to remain fairly detached. We didn’t do that in Forks.

My leaving was for the best.

It was better for her. If I had stayed, she would have gotten hurt. It was better for me and my family, since now we wouldn’t be tempted to do something we all would regret.

It was never my plan to come back. I shouldn’t have come back.

Yet, I could not stay away.

My heart remains here.

* * *

Dark Side of the Moon by blondie is New Moon from Edward’s perspective, and very well written.  Written very much in canon, it begins with a preface from the climatic scene.


We made no sound as we walked across the cobblestones in the moonlight. The two vampires on either side of me were filled with questions, but neither spoke.

How does he stomach animal blood? Why bother?

I hope he puts up a fight…an easy kill would be boring. He doesn’t look like much, maybe he’s fast?

Neither one knew what my fate would be. The Volturi had made their decision alone, wanting to surprise me with their verdict. Apparently their power came with a healthy dose of pride and arrogance.

* * *



Ithaca is Gorges by giselle is a very touching story about the love between a father and son.  Point-of-view switches between Edward and Carlisle with each chapter, beginning about a month after the Cullens leave Forks.  Giselle painstakingly dissected every word the Cullens said about their time away from Forks in order to keep her story in canon, and like the four books of the Saga, she begins with a preface from the climatic scene.
My flair for the overdramatic, my family had always called it. Even I had to agree that this was a bit excessive. Why I hadn’t just walked out from my enemies’ chambers and directly into the square, I couldn’t say. A part of me knew that if I moved at high noon, the hooded demons would strike just that much faster—delivering me, finally, from six months of agony. But truthfully there was some other force pulling at me. Urging me to wait, wait here in the shadows for the right moment.

(Note: We are only highlighting stories that are PG-13 and below.)

See everything from 30 Days of New Moon and don’t forget to check back next Friday for our next round of Fan Fic Picks!


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