“New Moon” news, Burger King promotion begins, and I’ll take “Twilight” for 200, Alex!

news headlines[1]

* MTV is airing two New Moon specials on Monday.

* Rob Pattinson discusses the differences between the break-up scene on film vs. in the book

* Kristen Stewart talks about the “labor-intensive” nature of filming New Moon

* TIME Magazine has an article about the Twilight phenomenon

* USA Today has a great piece about New Moon, and it’s “monstrous” love triangle

* MySpace has an “artist-on-artist” interview with Chris Weitz and Death Cab for Cutie

* New Moon promotional items arrive Monday at Burger King:

Edward, Jacob, Bella and group-themed BK® Crown Cards (reloadable gift cards)

New Moon crowns will be available at BURGER KING® restaurants and online at http://www.bkcrowncard.com starting Nov. 16 through the holiday season.

Team Edward or Team Jacob Eco-Friendly Water Bottles are available at BK.com.

BK® Fan Pack Available with a BK Burger Shots 6-pack Value Meal starting Nov. 16 while supplies last. It includes:

6-Pack Value Meal

“New Moon” collectible cards featuring stunning imagery from the film

Exclusive offers for special “New Moon” merchandise from other “Twilight Saga: New Moon” retail sponsors like Hot Topic®, Torrid®, Toys R Us®, Café Press®, Borders® and MasterCard®.

Hot Topic: $10 off New Moon Shirt
Toys R Us: Free bracelet with any Twilight or New Moon Purchase
Torrid: $10 off A purchase of $30 or more
Borders: 30% off any one item in store

More here.

* And finally … It’s a book about a romance between a 108-year-old vampire and a human girl in Forks, Washington. The question is: What is Twilight?

Yep, see Twilight on Jeopardy (via the Twilight Examiner):


2 Responses

  1. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM SPEECHLESS!!!!
    A guy beating a woman on ‘Twilight’ questions…..WOW!

  2. I found the forks washington t-shirt that was on the Edward/Bella/Jacob BURGER King cards here: http://www.cafepress.com/forkswashington there is also a forks washington bottle and this one was my favorite http://www.cafepress.com/freakinvampires

    can anyone tell me where to get the Bella bracelet?


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