30 Days of New Moon: Satisfy your vampire craving with these other supernatural books

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Okay, so there’s still several days left until New Moon hits theaters. And several months until Eclipse opens in June. So what’s a Twilight fan to do until then?

Why, pick up a few good books, of course!

No doubt, in these times when New Moon headlines are a frequent occurence, you’re hankering for something new that satisfies those Twilight Saga cravings you’ve been suffering from. Fear not! We’re here with a comprehensive list of vampire tales and supernatural sagas sure to quench your thirst.

Check out our guide below, then leave your suggestions in the comments:

The Vampire Diaries by L.J. Smith

Now the feature of a hit TV show adaptation the CW Network L.J. Smith‘s The Vampire Diaries are still the perfect read for Twilight fans seeking to satisfy a human-vampire romance craving. The series currently features five books (the first four are available in two volumes) and a sixth is on the way in March. They chronicle the love triangle between vampire brothers Stefan and Damon, and the lovely (and mostly/sometimes human) Elena Gilbert. The TV show is entertaining, but it’s only a loose adaptation of the books. Fans can still get a jolt of new satisfaction from reading Smith’s books. They are also very satisfying reads when you want more Twilight but have already re-read the Saga several times over.

Night World series by L.J. Smith

Smith is a great author for fans of vampires and the supernatural. Once you’ve plowed through The Vampire Diaries, check out her Night World series. The first nine stories in the franchise are available in three volumes — and a fourth is due out in April. The books feature primarily vampires, but also chronicle the stories of werewolves, witches and other supernatural creatures — all part of the so-called Night World. What’s so fun about The Night World series, is that each story can stand alone — but together, the world and characters intertwine to create a lush and complex storyline that is building to what can only turn out to be an epic conclusion.

Blue Bloods series by Melissa de la Cruz

Another great substitute when you’re craving more Twilight, Melissa de la Cruz’s Blue Bloods series now features four books — with more on the way. They follow young Schuyler Van Allen — a teen girl from a once prominent Manhattan family that has now seen better days, who learns that she is actually descended from a long line of Blue Bloods — aka, vampires. But Schuyler isn’t like the other Blue Bloods — and as she embarks on a journey of self-discovery, teenage romance and young vampirism, she also discovers that something evil is hunting Blue Bloods.

The Southern Vampires series by Charlaine Harris

The Southern Vampire series — also known as the Sookie Stackhouse books — are currently enjoying a new audience of fans thanks to the popularity of HBO’s “True Blood,” a TV show adaptation of the series. But the show is a loose adaptation — and fans can enjoy both without giving away too many spoilers. The books follow telepathic waitress Sookie Stackhouse in an alternate world, where vampires have “come out of the coffin” and are now living openly in society. The books chronicle Sookie’s relationships — both romantic and otherwise — with various vampires, werewolves, shifters and other supernatural creatures. Fair warning: these books are best suited only for older readers, since they do contain adult material.

The Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice

The books in Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles are not new reads — but they never get old. And now that vampires are en vogue again, there’s a whole new audience of readers to fall in love with the series and discover the world of Rice’s vampires. The series begins with Interview with a Vampire (yes, there is also a well-known movie adaptation) and continues with several additional volumes in the universe. What’s so much fun about The Vampire Chronicles is that they truly to cover a vast expanse of time. Rice sees her vampires from humans-turned-vampires in pre-Revolutionary France or in 18th century Louisiana, all the way through to modern times. Much like the Southern Vampire books, these are also best suited for adults-only.

Peeps by Scott Westerfeld

Scott Westerfeld has made a name for himself in the Young Adult literature niche, though most are familiar with his Midnighters trilogy and his Uglies series. But vampire fans should also check out Peeps, Westerfeld’s take on the vampire tale. In his version, vampirism is a sexually transmitted disease that leads to a sort of “cannibalism.” Vampires — called “Peeps” — aren’t necessarily the sexy, sparkly creatures of Twilight. But it becomes clear that they are serving an evolutionary purpose. Plus, Westerfeld’s combination of fantasy and science make for a truly unique take on the genre. It’s followed by the sequel, The Last Days.

Thirst by Christopher Pike

Much like L.J. Smith’s The Vampire Diaries, Pike wrote his Thirst series back in the 1990s — but the publishers at Simon Pulse have wisely repackaged the series in new volumes for today’s vampire-thirsty readers. The first volume, now available, features the first three stories in Pike’s series about Alisa, a five-thousand year-old vampire. The stories follow her on a quest to save herself from the vampire who created her — and the troubles that follow when she falls in love with a human. (Hmm, a vampire falling in love with a human … sound familiar?)

The Vampire’s Just Not That Into You by Vlad Mezrich

This delightful little read is for anyone who can look at the vampire genre with a bit of humor. It’s written as a faux-dating guide — with advice on how to snag the perfect vampire guy. It includes plenty of references to Twilight and other books in the genre. Check out this great review of the book from NNT’s Libby. 

The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare

Okay, sure, the main characters are Nephilim — but vampires definitely feature significantly throughout the series. Plus, the franchise isn’t over yet. Author Cassandra Clare is working on a fourth book in the series to be published in 2011, featuring the character Simon — who is a vampire. Clare is also working on a trilogy of prequels, called The Infernal Devices. The original Mortal Instruments books follow young Clary Fray as she discovers her true past and her true place as a defender of the earth. It’s also chock-full of danger, adventure, suspense and, of course, romance. This series has even been officially recommended by Twilight author Stephenie Meyer.

House of Night series by P.C. & Kristin Cast

An often-used and accurate description of the House of Night books is that they are about “a finishing school for vampires” — but more Gossip Girl than Hogwarts. The series by mother-daughter duo P.C. and Kristin Cast follows Zoey Redbird as she begins her life as a teenage vampyre (not so much undead, but definitely a blood-drinker). The books are a bit more suggestive than Twilight, but are still intended for a Young Adult audience. There are now seven books in the series.

Evernight series by Claudia Gray

Another series set at a school for vampires — though more reminscent of Buffy the Vampire Slayer than the House of Night series. The Evernight books follow the tumultuous romance between a born-vampire (ie, she was born a vampire, the offspring of two vampires, rather than being turned into a vampire) and a vampire hunter (who comes from a long line of vampire hunters). At times, the troubles these two face make the struggles of Edward and Bella seem paltry by comparison. (Okay, maybe not paltry, but still … Bella’s just a human, not a human who hunts vampires.) There are currently two books in the series available, with a third on the way in March.

The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova

A thrilling new twist to the Dracula legend, The Historian chronicles a young woman’s investigation into the possiblity that Dracula (Vlad the Impaler) is real and still alive. The story weaves together three plots — past searches into Dracula’s existence — and how they connect to each other, and to the narrator. Fans of this book may also enjoy Fangland by John Marks, which is a modern twist to Dracula set in a 60 Minutes-style newsroom.

Bloodsucking Fiends: A Love Story by Christopher Moore

Despite the somewhat obvious title, this is not your everyday vampire romance. But then, nothing Christopher Moore writes can be considered “everyday.” Bloodsucking Fiends, along with its sequels You Suck: A Love Story and the soon-to-be-released Bite Me: A Love Story, tell the uproarious tale of Jody — a woman turned into a vampire against her will. She’s not thrilled about living out eternity five pounds heavier than she’d like to be, and she sure misses eating french fries. But she’s determined to make the most of her new life — and that’s where she drags poor hapless Tommy into her world, paying him to take care of her daylight business, then having a romp with him at night. Yeah, okay, this book is really meant for an adult crowd. But it is laugh-out-loud funny (really!) and is a delightfully fun twist on the vampire romance.

More Vampire Titles:

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Don’t forget to share your book suggestions in the comments!


6 Responses

  1. Ok, but when it comes to adult literature about vampires you can’t forget about the Dark Hunters of the Black dagger brotherhood!!

  2. THE books here sound interesting. i will read some.
    wait for further info while i read.

  3. By the way, who has read/seen the vampire diaries?
    The books are really good.
    the TV show is on thursdays @ 7pm. WATCH IT!

  4. I bought and started the first Sookie Stackhouse book last night. (Never seen “True Blood.”) So far, not impressed, but the whole synthetic blood, “out of the coffin” thing is clever!

  5. There’s one vampire book that immediately springs to mind: “I Am Dracula” by C. Dean Anderson. It tells the backstory of Vlad The Impaler’s (aka Dracula) beginings, starting with his human life. Be forwarned though: it’s definately for older readers due to the violence and various love scenes.

  6. OMG!anabel76 took the words right out of my mouth!! Black Dagger Brotherhood by JR Ward. As much as I’m a Twihard and looooooooove Edward, I gotta be completely honest, the BDB Warriors hold a bigger place in my heart and are, by far, THE sexiest vamps out there! I am forever in debt to my friend for getting me into it and have gotten other friends to read them and they love me for it, haha.

    But it’s definitely for mature readers only!

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