Fan Fiction Challenge: A Winter’s Tale

fan fiction challenges

For the November-December 2009 Fan Fiction Challenge:


Write a story that takes place during winter.


* The story can take place at any point in time — before Twilight, during any of the four books, or after Breaking Dawn.

* The story must fit within canon.

* You may write about any of the characters from the Twilight Saga (vampires, humans, wolves, etc.).

* You may write from any POV/perspective (1st person-any character, 2nd person, 3rd person).

Rules & Guidelines:

  • Stories must use proper grammar & spelling; any stories with frequent grammatical & spelling errors will be automatically disqualified.
  • Stories should be at least 500 words long.
  • Please keep the content of your story to PG-13 or lower rating.
  • When e-mailing your story submission, you must attach the story as a Word document (.doc) or Text file (.txt).
  • With your story, please include a title and your author’s name.
  • You may submit as many stories as you like, but only one will be elligible to win.

How to Enter:

E-mail all entries to as a Microsoft Word (.doc) or plain text (.txt) attachment.

Do not paste your story into the body of an e-mail. Please use an attachment.

Don’t forget to include your author’s name and title of your story.


All entries are due by midnight (PST) on Friday, January 1st.

The winning entries will be featured here on NNT, and the winners will receive a graphic banner to post with their stories.

Get more details on our Fan Fiction page.

You can also check out past Fan Fiction Challenge winners.

The winners of our Sept-Oct 2009 Challenge will be announced soon … thanks for your patience!


One Response

  1. Awesome write-up, really! I really love this time of the year! Snowman and Cookie – Yah!

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