How About a Little Twi-News to Wake You Up?

news update new moon

New Moon is so close…can you feel it??  Here’s a short little bit of Twilight News this morning:

* Daniel Cudmore (aka Felix) joins twitter.  Follow him here:

* Alex Meraz (aka Paul) makes a surprise visit to the fans waiting in line for Monday’s New Moon premiere.  His Golden Eyes has pictures.

* David Slade reports via his twitter page, that the first of ten weeks of post-production on Eclipse has gnew moon score coverone well.

* And, my favorite news of all…Preview tracks of the New Moon Score are now available on  I am in love.  I really liked the score to Twilight, I felt it really fit the movie, and I listen to it often.  The score for New Moon sounds amazing. If the movie is half as beautiful as the music….wow.


One Response

  1. I didn’t like this Score as much as the one from Twilight. It sounds like it belongs more in a Harry Potter movie rather than New Moon.

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