Remember the Time….


With only five days until midnight showings of New Moon begin here in the U.S, NNT will be offering something a little extra as part of our 30 Days of New Moon project. We will be reviewing tv spots, trailers, and interviews from Twilight’s theatrical debut.

Today we focus on our first glimpse into the Twilight world……Twilight’s first appearance at comic-con and the release of the  first teaser trailer.

I am not sure about anyone else but when I first saw the footage from comic-con, I got pretty excited. I loved meeting the actors who were playing some of my favorite characters from the book. I was particularly excited for any sneak of a scene that featured Bella and Edward.

Did anyone else watch this fifty million times? I loved the look, the color scheme, of the teaser…and therefore movie. I am interested to see how I will react to the warmer hues used by Weitz in New Moon.

Remember the time…..were you a Twilight fan before the movies? How did you react to the release of the above clips?


One Response

  1. I watched the trailer soooo many times. Like at least once a day in the last few weeks before the movie. I loved the trailer, not the one here, but the longer one.

    Not a fan of the blue tint, though. I wish the colors were brighter, more vibrant.

    I haven’t watched the New Moon trailers as much. Probably because there’s not as much Edward. LOL

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