Novel Novice on TV! See the video, plus behind-the-scenes photos

Novel Novice Twilight’s TV appearance has debuted. Check out the clip from our appearance on “Better Portland,” then scroll down for more info on the show, how the segment came together & our behind-the-scenes photos:

“Better Portland” is the local portion of “Better TV,” which is a nationally syndicated lifestyles show. The “Better Portland” segments are produced locally in Portland, while the rest of the show is produced at the show’s national headquarters. “Better TV” airs on TV stations across the country; “Better Portland” is featured on KPTV/Fox 12 Oregon — the station where yours truly works. The show is hosted by Brooke Carlson and Andy Carson, who is also the weatherman on the morning news show I produce daily.

When the producers of “Better Portland” were putting together their features on New Moon, they asked me if I had any ideas (since they knew I worked for Novel Novice Twilight). I started telling them about 30 Days of New Moon, and the various features we’ve been presenting. They loved the party planning guide, and despite my preference to stay behind the camera, I agreed to go on air. And that’s how the segment came together.

Have more questions about our TV appearance? Leave them in the comments, and I’ll respond!

Behind-the-Scenes photos:

See the Twilight Saga party guide featured on Better TV right here!


2 Responses

  1. A fine showing, Sara! Great job!

  2. […] you guys missed it, Novel Novice Twilight’s TV appearance aired this week. You can see it here. […]

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