Remember when … Red Carpet Comparisons

As a special addition to 30 Days of New Moon this week, we’re looking back at some of the highlights from the build-up to 2008’s Twilight. Today, here’s a comparision of the Twilight world premiere, and last night’s world premiere of New Moon.

For starters, the stars have certainly stepped up their style & their red carpet appearance. Though they all looked great last year, it seems as if they were all more put-together this year — and certainly more prepared for the crowds and the spotlight.

Check out this side-by-side comparison of Rob Pattinson at the Twilight premiere (left) and last night’s New Moon premiere (right):


Here is Kristen Stewart at Twilight (left) and New Moon (right):


Here is Taylor Lautner at Twilight (left) and New Moon (right):


The buzz has also increased exponentially. A year ago, there was very little news coverage of the franchise leading up to the movie’s release. MTV was (and is) at the forefront of all things Twilight Saga, but last year they didn’t have much competition. This year, it seems everyone has jumped onto the bandwagon and there has been so much news lately, it’s been dizzying.

And of course, this year the crowds were expected. Last year, the stars, the filmmakers and the entire industry was shocked by how many fans turned out for the Twilight red carpet. (The fans were less surprised … we always knew it was going to be huge!)

So now — you tell us. In the comments, tell us, what are the biggest differences you have noticed between the release of Twilight last year and the upcoming release of New Moon?


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  1. Omg Taylor Lautner Looks Hott In the twilight one!!!!!!

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