30 Days of New Moon: Remember When….On set Interviews

For today’s segment of Remember When, NNT travels back in time to the days of Twilight Tuesdays. Before Twilight was hounded by every media outlet, MTV jumped on the Twilight bandwagon surprising Twilight fans each Tuesday with new behind the scenes goodies. My favorite segments were always focused on Robert and Kristen. I did not enjoy them because of the “are they” or “aren’t they” rumors, but rather enjoyed seeing the actors playing Bella and Edward get along so well, and it does not hurt that the interviews were so darn funny. Below you will find a highlight reel featuring the best of the Robert/ Kristen Twilight Tuesday interviews:

In comparison, I think both Kristen and Robert are much more polished interview subjects this go around, but perhaps a little less fun. What are your thoughts?


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