Going to see “New Moon”? Take a picture & send it to us!

What’s the best way to celebrate the release of New Moon? By sharing the experience with other Twilighters!

We invite you to send us your photos, videos & stories about your experience seeing New Moon in theaters during opening weekend.

This is open to fans worldwide, too, so even if the movie opens later than November 20th where you live, you can still send us your photos, videos & stories. In fact, we welcome stories from any opening weekend screening (not just midnight screenings).

See last year’s Twilight Midnight Movie Madness for ideas.

Send your stuff to movies.novelnovice@gmail.com … We’ll post everything we receive right here over the next few weeks!

You can also print out this flier at home to give out to other Twilighters at the movie theater, to spread the word:

For more, check out 30 Days of New Moon and then look for photos from across the globe on the New Moon Midnight Movie Madness page.


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