Stephenie Meyer is listening to Ha Ha Tonka … we think maybe you should be, too!

There’s been a ton of content lately to come out of the red carpet interviews from Monday’s world premiere of The Twilight Saga: New Moon.

One great interview clip features Kaleb Nation (aka The Twilight Guy) asking author Stephenie Meyer about what bands she’d love to see on the soundtracks for Eclipse or Breaking Dawn. One of the bands she mentions is Ha Ha Tonka:

The band was equally excited to hear about Stephenie’s praise — and they were pumped when she came to one of their concerts recently.

Here is some of the buzz about Ha Ha Tonka:

* Rolling Stone raves they “occupy the sweet spot between country and indie, writing ornery songs with big hooks.” “Walking on the Devil’s Backbone,” the single […] is hailed as, “a great, galloping number that’s all sturm and twang.”

* Popdose says, “Of all the young bands worth watching these days, Springfield, MO’s Ha Ha Tonka is at the top of my list.”

* PopMatters writes that “Ha Ha Tonka is truly one of the best young bands in America.”

* Here’s what the folks at Bloodshot Records had to say:

Basically, think harmonies, endless flattering Kings of Leon comparisons, and awesome shows at Lollapalooza and Sundance. Let us be the first to suggest just how perfectly they would fit in w/ any of the Jasper flashback scenes in Eclipse – don’t you guys think? Just imagine that Civil War uniform juxtaposed w/ these songs! Rawr!

Having listened to a few of their songs — I have to agree with the Kings of Leon comparisons. The guys in Ha Ha Tonka have a great sound!

You can download their single, “Walking on the Devil’s Backbone” online (it’s an awesome song!) … and check out their tour schedule here.

Want to get your hands on a free copy of Ha Ha Tonka’s latest CD, Novel Sounds of the Nouveau South?

We’ll be giving away 5 copies of the album starting next week on Novel Novice … so stay tuned to find out how you can win!

In the mean time, check out some of Ha Ha Tonka’s work below:

You can also view Ha Ha Tonka’s three-part tour diary online.


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