“New Moon” Opening Day Twi-News

* We found a great, positive review of New Moon from The Scorecard Review, and we’ve also got a peek at other reviews PLUS how New Moon is shattering box office records already.

* MTV gets reactions from fans at midnight showings … the results? Most prefer New Moon to Twilight. (Agreed!)

* Fandango lists 5 people they’d like to see in future Twilight movies (not sure I agree with all their picks, but still …)

* MTV asks the cast to weigh in on New Moon‘s hottest guy.

* The Soundtracks Examiner has an excellent interview with New Moon composer Alexendre Desplat. Anyone else in love with his score for NM? I thought it was gorgeous and lush.

* Taylor Lautner Hopes Fans Dig The New Moon Werewolves

* New Moon Cast Reveal Their Favorite Scenes

* Kristen Stewart Is Eager To See Love Triangle Intensify In Eclipse

* Kellan Lutz and Nikki Reed stop in NYC on the New Moon mall tour

* MTV has an interesting comparison of Twilight and Bram Stoker’s Dracula (the Coppola-directed movie)

* UChic.com has fan reactions from the movie:


One Response

  1. Yes to……………….
    Emmy Rossum and Amanda Seyfried……………
    no to everyone else……………
    that’s just my opinion………..

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