So much news, so little time!

* Andrew Richdale over at GQ has bared his proverbial soul by defending Twihards and admitting his fandom. He also points out a few good reasons critics should give the saga, and New Moon in partcular, some credit.

What I’m about to say ain’t gonna be easy. It’s not going to win me any points with my co-workers. It’s not going to help me out in the women department. And it’s definitely not going to impress my fraternity brothers from college (Sorry guys). It is going to feel a hell of a lot better once I spit it out though…

I like Twilight.

Read more of his funny tale on his blog at The Verge on GQ.

* This isn’t really a surprise to Twihards, but maybe the rest of the world (and the haters) will come over to the dark side when they hear that New Moon has officially broken the all-time, single-day box office record by bringing in $72.2 million! (It’s yet to be seen if the three-day weekend total will beat Dark Knight’s $158.4 million.) Get the rest of the details here.

* But wait! There’s more! Here are four more gorgeous movie stills to feast your eyes upon! (Love the one of Jessica! Go Team Human!)

Thanks to for the pics!

* And my favorite piece of news: Apparently the Vatican is now condemning New Moon as “deviant.” I’m not even going to editorialize on that one. Get the details at Access Hollywood. 

I’d LOVE to hear your comments since I’m biting my tongue on this!


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  1. I had to read the comment about the Vatican twice–I couldn’t believe it! In this day of “hook-ups” and “friends with benefits”, New Moon is about as chaste as they come. It is also about real love. Even the violence is mild and clean. As far as I’m concerned, Stephenie has created the perfect vampires–the least “deviant” of any out there.

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