New Moon weekend almost a wrap

As New Moon’s debut weekend draws to a close, here’s the latest:

  • Fearnet’s Jen Yamato has a great blog post called “20 Differences (That Work) Between ‘New Moon’ and the Book” but be warned that there are MAJOR spoilers!
  • The most recent estimates indicate that New Moon has grossed about $140.7 million this weekend … and it’s not even Sunday night yet. Not too shabby. For a comparison, head over to
  • And Time Magazine’s new article, “It’s Twilight in America” is a MUST-READ for Twihards, containing some little-known facts about the series’ journey from Stephenie Meyer’s dream to hardcopy (including the cover art for “Twilight”) and into the theaters.

One Response

  1. The “20 differences” article is OK, but I think they missed a few things….

    Edward *did* take her photo.

    Edward didn’t give her a CD of his music. He didn’t go to her room that night. He hung around another day or two after the party in the book.

    Bella didn’t wake up after Italy, thinking she was dead, not believing Edward loved her, etc.

    No resolution on Quil – we don’t see him upset about Jake joining Sam, too. It’s just left assumed that he didn’t join.

    Alice’s vision wasn’t really a change, was it? Aro saw her vision in the book, too.

    Jake and Bella DID almost kiss twice in the book. And were interrupted the same way as the movie, both times.

    Romeo and Juliet in class instead of at Charlie’s.

    The entire scene with Edward, Alice, Bella, and Jasper at school. Just the fact that Jasper didn’t graduate last year.

    The Volturi painting wasn’t in New Moon, but it was in Twilight.

    I’m not sure the “months passing” scene is really a change…it’s a visual representation of four blank pages…(very well done, I thought!)

    OK, that’s probably enough nitpicking for now….I have to see the movie again. LOL!!

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