The latest on “New Moon,” news about “Eclipse” and your other Twi-News headlines

* In case you missed it … The Twilight Saga: New Moon officially earned $142.8 million this weekend at the box office.

* You can read more about New Moon‘s box office earnings & all the records it set at Portland Books Examiner

* MTV also has a nice comparison of how New Moon stands up to other blockbusters … and then discusses the future of what they call “Blockbusters for Ladies”

* Chris Weitz has revealed some details about what we’ll get with the New Moon DVD … such as deleted scenes featuring more Volturi, more humans and more Victoria, plus commentary from the actors. Um, when can I preorder?

* MTV has a great article explaining why Eclipse will likely be the most guy-friendly movie in the franchise

* Kristen Stewart and Rob Pattinson talk about their favorite scenes in Eclipse

* Speaking of Eclipse, screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg talks about a certain vampire cameo and some flashback scenes — including a possible Bella/Edward “fantasy” scene

* MTV talks to the owner of Tippett Studios about how he brought the Wolf Pack to life

* Also at MTV … 5 things you might have missed in New Moon (Um, hi, MTV? Yeah, we all noticed the Volvo ages ago. But thanks for playing.)

* Check out this hilarious spoof called “How Twilight Should Have Ended” … via TwiFans:


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