“The Twilight Saga: New Moon” He Said/She Said

Our friends at the Scorecard Review have a regular feature on their site called “He Said, She Said” — in which two staff members (a guy and a girl) each sound off about a recent new release. This week, they are featuring The Twilight Saga: New Moon.

Now, a lot has been said recently about the impact New Moon may (or may not) have on Hollywood, and how it views the female audience. NNT’s Ms. Truitt expounded on this subject matter — speaking critically of critics who write-off the Twilight Saga and its fanbase simply because its target audience is largely female. The Twilight Examiner also explores what the inarguable success of New Moon at the box office will mean for women and Hollywood. (Will filmmakers finally realize not all of us want to watch romantic comedies? That we like action-based, fantasy adventures?)

All that aside, the folks at Scorecard Review have a nice tete-a-tete regarding the film’s critical appeal. The “He Said” in their article is a true “dude,” and admits he hasn’t read the book, nor was he a fan of the first movie. The “She Said” has read all the books and is a fan, and has a nice, clear take on the movie. (She wrote a fantastic review here). Here’s a peek at “He Said, She Said”

Was there any part you genuinely liked?

He Said

Yes, two things – the concept of Bella’s risky business, and the soundtrack. The idea that she would put herself into risky situations just to see Edward was a bit touching, if not somewhat original. It was also very true to how people sometimes seek extreme distractions after recent heartbreak. It was also one of the more believable aspect’s of single Bella’s life. I know that loss of love is pain, but do people really write emails to addresses that don’t work, or constantly wake up screaming in the night? I was also amused by the “double date” she had with that goober and Jacob – the shot of both of those boys leaving their free hands on display on the armrest couldn’t be any more legitimate.


She Said

I read the books and I enjoyed them in the same way that people hide in the back of porno theaters and hate themselves for it. So I actually know the characters and the story line and I can tell you straight out that the first Twilight BUTCHERED the story. The actors were perfect, the setting was perfect; the script was sh*t and the director was over her head in amateurish shlock. And I thought, series ruined. You mess up the first one and it’s just a matter of time before the crap starts piling up.


They dumped the original director and paid closer attention to the actual books with New Moon. Once the money started rolling in, everyone took the storyline a little more seriously and the second installment is far more faithful to the book. I honestly thought it was an excellent representation of the series. The characters were more fleshed out, there was more dialogue and fewer lazy montages and way, WAY less cheese.

That being said…dude? You’re a dude. These movies aren’t made for dudes, they’re made for starry-eyed young girls and unhappy, disenchanted older women. They are brimming with so much estrogen and female fantasy, I’m surprised you didn’t spontaneously sprout breasts and start lactating.

Read the rest HERE … then share your thoughts in the comments!


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